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License Plate/Bracket Screws

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I am going to get security screws made for mounting a license plate. I read online that the size is M6-1.0 x 1/2 inch. Is that right? Also is that the same size screw as mounting screw for the front license plate frame? I searched the service manuals and specs but that information isn’t there.

You'll have to tell the readers if your cars has Euro bumpers or U.S. bumpers.  The answers to your questions are subjective to this needed information.  Though, the thread pitch for the rear screws is correct. 

Ah sorry, I forgot. US Bumpers.

The front U.S. plate is a different breed all around....what parts are you needing, exactly?  (picture below)

Parts 83 through 88. Although the two sides  look different..


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