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Leather dashboard cover?

Started by raueda1, 27 March 2022, 10:30 AM


Some of the high end MB's of the 60's had them.  And these days many cars do as well, whether leather of some kind of vinyl with stitched seams etc.  Has anybody heard or seen such a thing for the W116?  I don't want one of those ABS dashboard caps, gotta be a product with luxurious stitching.  Any leads would be appreciated.  Thanks and cheers,
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If the W116 has been around in the 1960's they wouldn't have had leather wrapped dashes.  Leather wrapped dashes were reserved for high end models like the 600, as well as the coupe` and cabriolet models.  In addition, any w113 (pagoda) ordered with leather interior would have had a leather covered dash, as well.  But we're talking about S classes.  The w111 and W112 sedans, as well as the W108 and W109, never had leather wrapped dashes. 

Any exposed stitching will detract from the dash.  A well seasoned and experienced upholsterer will be able to cover the dash with one piece of leather.  They'll also know not to use cheap, vat dyed leather.  Bear in mind that the center console and trim around the windshield will also have to be covered in leather.  Alternatively, you could send your dash to for repair.  They'll recover the dash in the original vinyl material.

If leather on the dash is what you really want, then that's your prerogative, and I support your decision. I'm merely pointing out that it may look out of place to some, but not all.   
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I've wondered if DiNoc could be used to cover up bad trim. The w108 door caps are always split, but
I recently looked and there is no color match for my blue interior. Black exist in leather finish.

For that bold statement you could cover the wood in carbon graphite ???
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