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Labouring Window & Sunroof

Started by 1980450sel, 07 October 2009, 04:39 PM


I was wondering what type of lubricant works well for greasing the tracks of windows and the sunroof? Please help if you can. :)


I heard that white lithium grease would be the answer but I also see that attracting and holding dust and dirt in the track.


re the sunroof, i had the same issue.

i removed the sunroof completley and cleaend all the old grease out as it went hard like glue and replaced it- it was only about 3 years old. There are also some "sliding jaws" which are made of plastic which may need to be replaced. It is recommended to use genuine MB lubricant too.

the window regulator or the sliding section of the window may require inspection, if the window is tilting while traveling the problem isnt lubrication.

TJ 450

Graphite powder should be a safe lubricant for the window channels.

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