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Keeping the damp at bay when parking outside

Started by pal, 19 January 2022, 06:39 AM


Hi Folks,

I hope you are doing good. I still have my two w116s and was in the process of trying to get them sold, unfortunately the pandemic put a spanner in the works meaning I get to maintain them for longer and keep improving them :-)

I thought I'd share something useful I found which has helped with outdoor storage, unlike some folks who have garages or proper storage I keep mine on the drive under a cover - despite this they do start to get damp/build up condensation. I invested in a low power micro heater and a low temp dehumidifier from Amazon and the results have been good, dry as a bone and the heater comes on a couple times in the night. In case its of any use to people living in damp cold(ish) places like east london.

ZEFFO Ceramic Heater 900w (on a timer and lower setting)
PUREMATE 2.2L (on continous drain)

Kind Regards

450SEL 6.9
350SEL 3.5


A boat dehumidifier may be a bit safer.

Or maybe a webasto heater??? :D :o

Anyway thats a good idea for damp seasons.
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my car is outside all weather ( not a w116 at the moment but a w123 estate) and before i repaired a leaky screen i had heard of a campervan trick of using a container of cat liter or filling a sock with cat litter and it takes the moisture out of the air.

worked pretty well