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Hi all

I have a very nice 1974 450 SEL.

It has a considerable amount of window noise, from the tops of the front windows in both sides. I recently replaced the door seals, but unfortunately its exactly the same.

It sounds as if the windows are slightly open, but they are not. Can anybody give me any indications as to its possible source?

Many thanks.

Welcome to the forum ;D

Just to manage your expectations a bit, do not expect noise levels to be on par with modern cars.  However you can adjust the closing "firmness" of the door which will compress the seal more/less.  I am sure more learned members will chime in, but I think this is done by adjusting the position of the striker plate.   Just be careful with those in-hex bolts, they have a tendency to be extremely tight and you need to get a solid bite on them otherwise you will round them out and hilarity will not ensue...

Other spots of wind ingress could also be sunroof due to old seals.  As well seal between the mirror and the door.


Thank you.

I have lots of old MB's, this is the oldest, but the next is a 78 W123 with similar door and window design, with no such noise.

It really sounds like driving with the windows up 95%, but they are fully up.  I do wonder if its coming from the drain channels/covers on the top of the A pillars.

Holding my hand around it, definitely sounds as it its from the top of the door.

Both doors shut pretty hard now with the new seals, but I will take a look. thanks.

Hi Alex

It may be the window runs that are perished. See a photo of my car’s perished window runs. I had them replaced shortly after may restoration works. The fronts are available but not the rears. I bought 4 fronts with the aim of cutting them and joining them with rubber compound to make two new rear runs. Somehow John Haynes came up with the two rear seals.

I now have four of these seals for sale. Part number:A 116 725 01 25. A pair cost me £49.46 in February of 2016. If you like you can make me an offer and you can come fetch them from my home in Hammersmith. Send me a PM and we can take it from there.


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