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interior DIY

Started by teliks, 13 April 2006, 10:23 PM


it's time for me to address the sagging rear seat in my 77 450sel (not 6.9). I've looked at the offerings at worldupholstery and gahh and it's more than i can spend right now. What i would like to do is try and accomplish a temporary but comfortable fix for now till i can spend the money to do a proper restore. I have seen an article (probably linked from here) about someone using foam and pool noodles to do a front seat restore, and was wondering if anyone here has any experience using the same techniques for the rear seat. I see alot more interior parts for the 126/123's on ebay and the like. would i be able to use any of these cushions/covers as replacements in my 116? any pointers here would be great!