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Inner door handle repair

Started by Matt Crouse, 25 August 2005, 11:14 AM

Matt Crouse

Hi all,

A few weeks ago, the inside handle on my driver's door came loose.  This is not the lever-handle used to open the door, rather the large armrest/pull-handle used to close it.  It came unattached from the door at the top portion where the section you'd normally grab goes into the small chrome-looking square and bolts to the door.  I kept the screw that came out of it, but the problem seems to be that the screw was attached to a metal piece that inserted into the handle itself.  That metal piece is stuck inside the handle, leaving me no way of getting at the head of the screw with a screwdriver.  I can post a picture if this isn't making sense.

Any ideas?  Is that metal attachment glued to the door handle, or just press-fit?  I'm afraid of pulling too hard to get it out because I don't want to damage the handle if it is glued.  Thanks in advance.


Hi Matt,

A pic would be good.  I'm confused with the handle/armrest your describing.  My driver's door only has a straight armrest whilst all passenger doors have the usual flat armrest followed by an angled handle going into the square bit of chrome you describe.  I think it's an early design feature that MB phased out in later models.  Please someone enlighten me.

If all your doors have the same handles I must admit that I've never been able to find how to get at that screw to completely remove all the passenger handles.  I've been unable to completely remove the door mouldings due to that screw.  The fact yours fell out astounds me.

Stay tuned, I'm sure someone out there has got the answer.
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Matt Crouse

Thanks Styria and mb350 for your replies.  I have to say, I am impressed with the quality of community on this forum as well as everyone's technical knowledge.  It is all about community with these vintage cars, but of course this group seems to already know that. ;)  Thanks for your kind welcome.

Regarding the door handle I must have confused you with my description.  The chrome square is still mounted to the door, and the angled part of the handle (similar to how mb350 has described his passenger doors) has come out of it.  The screw fell on the ground when this happened.  I don't have the car now but will post a pic tonight when I get home.  I'll reply in the other forum about the aluminum.  Cheers.