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I'm giving up on floor padding...

Started by 1980sdga, 01 June 2011, 11:13 AM


Quote from: 1980sdga on 01 June 2011, 10:10 PM
Thanks Casey!  Yea, my interior is in pretty nice shape. About the only problems I have are some sun fading on the carpet/package tray, droopy back seat and door panels (Was there horsehair in there?) and a little bit of cracking to the wood on the ACC panel.

I've got the same shot backseat and shook a whole lot of particles out of the door panels too!  I figure my interior is pretty much good enough unless I decided to go totally crazy one day and redo the whole interior in leather and change the color...but the front carpets don't look so nice as yours.

QuoteIt's a LOT quieter in the car. Especially with the engine idling in the garage.  I've spent a LOT of time idling in the garage working on the ACC and I believe this is an improvement over stock.  I'll bet it would help more if I ran it up the firewall a little further.  Put some on the rear fenderwells and the areas around the back seat and it'll be like a vault!  Just need to solve the wind noise...

Yeah I hear you on the wind noise.  Although most of mine comes from a bad driver door seal, which should be an easy enough fix...

I've heard that with the stuff you used you pretty much have to replace it every couple years - then again for the price that's a fair time to put off a bigger investment.  I've heard better things about Hushmat or Second Skin than Dynamat, although really, I'm a total newbie to sound deadening (hah, like most things automotive).  One day I'd love my ride to be as silent as possible, but I've got a lot of bigger priorities...



Checked with the Classic Center and rubber mats were never imported to the US and they are NLA anyway.

Let me know if anyone is interested in the velour mats and I'll get a quote for the set, pls e-mail or

I would suggest looking at some places like Performance Products or Pelican Parts to see if they still have good custom made rubber rugs available for 116's

Jon, love the cleaned carpets! The only way to solve the faded parcel shelf issue is to replace the carpet, 1 yard from GAHH is enough and its about $55.00  for the non-backing material which is thinner, correct and easier to work with. This is a job that can be tackled at home but the first aid kit lid is very tricky to get right. We had a professional shop do it on the 77 6.9 we restored and he used bamboo vinyl to finish the contour of the kit lid, looks perfect.