Hopefully helpful info on removing a dash from a 1977 US-spec 6.9 450 SEL

Started by tanya_charbury, 01 April 2015, 11:50 PM



I normally buy and sell used BMW E30 parts to supplement my income as an IT geek (when I take off my SuperGirl outfit, mild-mannered Tanya makes custom database software) but I happened on a W116 1977 450 SEL 6.9 at a self-pull junkyard which is sort of like finding a vein of gold in the hills. So I abandoned my plans for the rest of the week and I've been removing and buying everything that seemed to be in exceptionally good condition or unique to the 6.9.

I'm being super-methodical, and it took me HOURS to figure out how to get the dashboard out. But I did. So, probably all of you have figured out hat you have to first take out the instrument cluster and the center cosmetic console (which I broke in the process, dangit). And the various 10mm bolts (three or so) at the lower edge of the dash or sort of a no-brainer. 

Well hidden:
- the 10mm bolt sideways (surprise) in the top center below the dash.
- the 8mm vertical nuts with big washers behind them, near the extreme ends of the dash at the top, but but underneath.

After that and much wiggling, I could get the dash loose.

I didn't have to remove the windshield but then again I twisted the dash a lot to get it out.

I also maybe could have removed the dash without removing the steering wheel and it was tempting since I didn't have the key, but I removed the 22mm nut in the center and then I removed the two 13mm bolts that held up the steering column. As it dropped, the steering wheel came loose, yay! So then it was easier to flip, twist and slide the dashboard out.

I hope this helps you guys!! Sorry if you know all this already anyways.