Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuza Fuzzy (Dash Cover Ordered)

Started by John Hubertz, 22 February 2006, 08:45 PM

John Hubertz

Hey all,

I think I've located a prime source of inexpensive covers to avoid sun cracks (or cover existing problems).  They are a fuzzy low-nap velour - I ordered one for my '77 in black - I've seen some on Ferraris etc in a dark grey and they look great.  I'm hoping this is the source of the ones I used to see down in Florida on Sports Cars as the fit is fabulous - and also they won't create the rattles and crackles that the plastic cover-up covers make when you drive.  I haven't quite figured out attachment but I'm thinking about using velcro attached to those new post-it note type tape strips to avoid damaging the dash.

They're called Dashmats - and only cost $28.50 custom made to fit our cars - and they have both manual-air and auto-air versions ready to cut to order.  Many colors available.  Here's a picture (not a Mercedes, just the catalog photo sample):

This is the basic one - they offer even fancier versions and custom embroidering of logos or initials.

Here's the link:

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Oh no, they've got it wrong.  They wont sell many.  A 116's instrument cluster's on the right hand side.  :D :D :D

I did see a dashcap, uncracked, off a 280 sell for about $100 AUD last year.  I had always planned on replacing mine if it couldn't be repaired.  Only two small cracks though either side of the cluster which never seem to demand my attention.  That being the case, a dash mat's a good for protection yet easily removed on your way to a concours.
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Hello fellows

While we are on the subject, is there any wisdom on stopping a small crack from getting bigger ?

I am looking to buy a spare dashboard that has just one small crack...


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