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Title: Front seat belts query
Post by: ngruzevs on 08 May 2018, 11:44 PM
I've just acquired a UK delivered W116, but its now located in Australia. I've ripped the interior out to fix front seats and noted front seat buckles look to be aftermarket (Has stamped on it "Approved to Australian Standards". Buckles were replaced with Australian compliant buckles when car was personally imported. I don't think the inertia reels have been changed, but would be good to confirm.

My question is, can I convert my buckles back to the same as were delivered on Australian delivered examples, or do I also need to replace front inertia reels as well?

Would be great if someone can post a picture of what buckle looks like on an Australian delivered car.

The following pictures show the current buckle and inertia reel tongue.
Title: Re: Front seat belts query
Post by: mrkozzy on 09 May 2018, 12:38 AM
Heres my crazy but true story. I'm sure others will have more.

My tourist delivery car arrived in Australia in 1976  (ordered through Lanes Motors to Aussie spec etc etc) with the MB seat belts as shown in the photo I have included.

After its arrival it was taken to vicroads to get the local number plates, body plate etc etc proving it complied with all local requirements. (ADR27?).

Would you believe vicroads knocked it back on the original seatbelts saying  they didn't comply!  No amount of verification from my father, or from Lanes Motors Melbourne was going to make them change their mind. At huge expense we purchased after market belts front and rear (similar to the ones in your photo),and had them installed in order to get the car passed. Lanes motors were doing the same with cars they had on the showroom floor.
Some 3 months later a letter was received from Lanes motors, saying the issue had been sorted and the original MB systen could be reinstalled if we so wanted.
 This was done some 10 years later which probably explains why my original  belts are now in such good condition.

Seems some body at vicroads had a bad hair day and was knocking back lots of cars for lots of stupid  reasons. 
Of course there was no redress.

So yes the original system is accepted.

Title: Re: Front seat belts query
Post by: ngruzevs on 09 May 2018, 12:57 AM
I'm still somewhat stunned that our state based road authorities and Australian Design rules called for Australian compliant belts and buckles. I assume they felt our standards were higher than the German standards.

In summary, it would seem that I need to source a seat belt set for an Australian delivered car. I can't stand the long front buckles, they measure 500mm in length and don't go through the hole in seat base.
Title: Re: Front seat belts query
Post by: TJ 450 on 09 May 2018, 02:21 AM
Yep, my 6.9 was also sold by Lanes and was a delivery program car. It also has Aus compliant belts fitted too.

With cars later than ‘76, they always have original belts although the design is quite different.

Title: Re: Front seat belts query
Post by: ngruzevs on 09 May 2018, 02:49 AM
What was the design of the post 76 cars, is it the same as pic posted by mrkozzy? If not can someone post a pic?
Title: Re: Front seat belts query
Post by: mrkozzy on 09 May 2018, 03:30 AM
I would think at this stage of the cars life any good quality seat belt that suits would be the go.
 Unless you want it to be specifically a MB product you do have options.
I believe there's  a company in Perth that specialize in reassembling seat belt sets for older cars with new webbing and whatever else they require. They or someone like them should have options for you.
let us know how which way you head.
Title: Re: Front seat belts query
Post by: nathan on 09 May 2018, 03:56 AM
N (this is confusing, I am also an N)

there are companies (including Victoria) that replace the belts of old non spooling systems and allow you to use the same buckle and clamp.  it may be worth buying an old set and having them redone. you dont need to get them redone but it may be worth piece of mind. I have a bunch of the old original buckles (with the release button on the back/side of the clamp.  the type you had were fitted to my 80s gwagen and must have been a common aftermarket type at the time.
Title: Re: Front seat belts query
Post by: TJ 450 on 09 May 2018, 04:23 AM
The later type W116 seat belts have the receptacle mounted to the seat rather than the trans tunnel. The receptacle also pivots and is attached to a rail that allows it to change angle depending on seat position. This is the type of belt fitted to all later 116s and the same setup was used on much later models too.

Unfortunately I’m away at the moment and can’t take pics. For an earlier car though, these long cable ones mounted directly to the trans tunnel were the norm.

Title: Re: Front seat belts query
Post by: ngruzevs on 09 May 2018, 04:52 AM
Thanks for all the response, it's been very informative.

As my car is a 79 and a UK delivery, would have been different to Aus delivered cars. Reviewing data card, 432 is stamped "Headrests in rear, elimination of automatic (self reeling) safety belts.

Based on the service books in the car, looks like car was imported around 87, but there's no "personal import" plate bolted onto radiator support panel, unlike my SA delivered W126. Owner that imported has replaced front belts and two rears (but not the centre lap), as this belt and buckle clearly look original.

I did source a set of HEMCO belts and buckles for my Interceptor recently and was very happy with their quality. My aim ATM is to get car through a roadworthy, to do this I may need to replace back centre. Once I have a roadworthy I will look at options to replace what's in car now.
Title: Re: Front seat belts query
Post by: mrkozzy on 13 May 2018, 01:18 AM
Without really looking, I somehow stumbled onto the box in my garage containing long lost merc parts. Turns out I still have some of the  local Australian supplied seat belts that were installed to my car when the local authority rejected the original German ones it landed with.

The one in the photo is from the rear. The only real difference was the shape of the tongue and the style of the buckle it went into.

Still got the brand and part number. clearly showing.

Another saga for the (car) history book!

Title: Re: Front seat belts query
Post by: TJ 450 on 13 May 2018, 07:07 AM
These Klippan ones are interesting as they were the OEM belt manufacturer although it definitely seems these were retrofitted. These were on a ex Germany LHD converted ed 6.9 that was wrecked just this weekend.

Also note the DB107 part no.