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front passengers' window

Started by jjb-w116-hu, 03 January 2011, 06:40 AM


hi guys - ok in trying to resolve my my passenger window suddenly vanished into the door last time any one tryed to lower them i found the old cast channel that holds the window was rusted out and have fallen into the bottom of the door. pretty much same place the glass ends up sans the delicately cut cork wedges which have been holding it up for a few weeks.
the cast iron/metal channel new from Autohasz was something to the tune of 400$ so our local wrecker helped me out and voila, i have the entire blast thing, glass, rubber and all sitting on my lounge floor.
problem is i'd like to use my existing glass as the tint is slightly off on the glass from the wreckers and has a couple chips along the edge. I cannot for the life of lubricant and much elbow grease remove the glass from the channel/guide. is there a trick to this? the rubber seems in ok condition but i cannot remove/pry-out the glass! help! James