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Finished the Undercoat - really this time.

Started by WGB, 15 April 2007, 07:50 AM


Hi Guys,

Now that my spraying seems to be heading into more positive territory here are some pictures of my weekends work.

I sanded off most of the original primer and started again with 2 coats of Lesonal then did a light sand with 400 dry and have given it another 2 coats of Lesonal.

Before doing this I caught up with my door shuts and primered these.

There are a couple of very small sags that I will tidy up before spraying a guide/tack coat of 90%/10% thinners/black acrylic lacquer.

For the technical I am using the aforesaid HVLP gun with the compressor regulator set at 100PSI and the gun set at 60 PSI - my compressor seems to be able to cope with it with no major problems.

If the images come through too small the full sized ones are available in the garage.

Back to the sanding when I have time and my Carpal Tunnels let me.