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Engine compartment clean-up - 78 450SEL

Started by jbrasile, 29 September 2012, 12:01 AM


This looks absolutely amazing Joe. My only fear is it'll make me go bankrupt - my 450 is pending restoration, and you just keep re-setting the bar for this project :)
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I spent US$400.00 in parts and another US$300.00 in plating, sand blasting, etc...  BUT if you pay someone to do it then it will get expensive, I did not keep track of the number of hours but I'd say at least 50 from start to finish. That includes a lot of cleaning, preparation, sorting and photographing all the hardware, etc...

Once this phase is complete, the next project will be to zinc plate the remaining hose clamps that did not get removed this time around and perhaps painting the brake booster, it has a nasty "run"of brake fluid that's been there forever. I will however try to do this without removing the booster from the car, it is a nightmare to do so.

Also the lower parts of the engine should be attended to at a later time, perhaps I will make use of this nice detailing shop near my house who has a steam cleaner and a  lift.

Hope to have the car running tonight,will see...




Final stretch... engine still not running but pretty close.

Power steering pump, fan clutch/fan and shroud installed. Tomorrow I should be able to install all the fuel lines, upper radiator hose and we shall see if all the effort paid off.




I wonder what it would've looked like if you'd gone over-the-top???!!!  ;) ;D  Jesus!!!  You're a legend and I'm very impressed!   That's the best looking fan I've ever seen!  :D  Who's your blaster and plater???
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over the top would entail replacing every single hose, plastic lines, reservoirs,etc.... it would get reaaaaly expensive and complicated.

I  use a local company here in Sao Paulo for all my plating and bead blasting, they do a tremendous job and have yet to loose a single washer.




 :) :) :) :) :)So concourse iiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssss???????????????


I can see a speck of dirt Joe...

Made you look.

It's fabulous, what's the plan for the underside?

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I'm with MT, that's serious.

Indeed, it takes a lot of dedication to achieve results like that, really well done. 8)

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Tks Guys!

Engine finally running since last night! It has been brutal though.... had to take the WUR apart 3 times because during the control pressure adjustment I went too far, one of my mechanics made a tool to adjust the WUR without removing it from the car, I am trying to convince him to make me one. Should have more pictures of the final results later today. Going to measure the pressure again right now just to make sure nothing changed with all the lines and tubes connected.

The underside, well, I am probably going to "rent" the steam cleaner at a local detail shop and pay them do the work myself, there is a lot of oil and grit under the engine, over the cross member, etc...

Still have to replace one intake manifold bolt whose treads rusted out and give another go at the valve covers with some Kaol metal polish, which by the way seems to clean the aluminum without making it shinny.

And by the way, YES.... there are little spots that I could not get perfectly clean, paranoia has definitely set in, hehehe....




Control pressure checked out ok at 3.5 bar hot. Adjusted timing at 3 deg advance as well as fuel mixture.

Ran into more trouble.... the tube from the top of the fuel distributor to the pressure dashpot is corroded at one end and leaks fuel!!! Spent about 3 hours trying to sort it out to no avail...  you can see the tip that goes into the dashpot is pitted so no matter how much you tighten the nut it still leaks, arghhhhhhhh......  I am going to a shop this morning to see if they can perhaps machine the part, otherwise I can't finish the car until a new line comes in from MB.

Here are the photos of the completed work minus the air cleaner.



s class

Looks really nice Joe.  What's with the adjustment screw on top of the AAV ?

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s class,

That is not an adjustment screw, it is there to seal the hole I drilled to take the AAV apart and refurbish it, an allen looks better than a regular bolt for that purpose. I had  the hole threaded and used an o'ring under the screw so it is absolutely leak free.




Here is the leaky tube in question,

Before machining:

After - notice how the pitting was removed from the tapered part which is what actually seals the fuel.

A little liquid teflon on the dashpot just to be on the safe side:

Going down now to put it back together, wish me luck!




I wonder if the angle of the taper having been removed will affect the integrity of the seal. It went from one shape to another.

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