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engine bay insulation


although the lining on my 6.9 was tidy, it suddently started peeling off after about 6-7 years and then a chunk came off last week!
time for a new one, MB part number 116 682 0026.  i bought this from a local supplier, it is not 'original' and ill get our trimmer to adhere it on
I think Febi and Swag make such products and there would be no difference between models
it just looks nicer.

Nice!  Please show us the final result.

Related to this, do you (or anybody) know if it's possible to "clean" the foam?  Some previous owner replaced mine, so that's good.  But at some point I sprayed it with some kind of oil so there's round stain about 20 cm wide.  I was thinking of spraying it with a household, water-based grease cleaner (not too strong) followed by a lot of water rinses.  Cheers,

yep it will come out.  place a solid blanket whatever over the engine. spray the effected area with degreaser. wash it out. Repeat.
work the foam as much as is practicable to get the degreaser to soak in. After 2 treatments finish off using a powerful soapy detergent. rinse this out with a jet blast from your hose. Allow to dry out and observe how good it looks.

Hopefully Randys suggestion works.  ive found before though they dont come out. it may have been at that time my foam was so thick it was well soaked in compared to the newer thinner ones!


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