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Driver Footwell Panels

Started by raueda1, 16 September 2023, 12:15 PM


During a recent move I somehow lost a box with all the driver's footwell panels.  They had been removed to get to the cruise control stuff (which I've since given up on  :( ).  Per "footwell" picture, it's all gone.  As far as I know, there are 3 pieces:  the fuzzy cover, the vent thing (both in the picture) and a complicated fiber panel (ordered and in. the mail).  As far as I can tell the panel is P/N 116 680 3517.  A couple questions:
  • Is there anything I'm missing?  I'm confident that I can put it back together when I have it all in hand.
  • The fuzzy panel (116 680 5317?) is the wrong color.  Seems to be Tobacco, should be Parchment or light beige or whatever the light tan interior color is. Now the search is on to find the right color.  Failing that, does anybody know if these fabrics can be dyed or otherwise recolored?

Obviously, if anybody has the right fabric panel please let me know!  The fabric should be of the short, dense variety same as what's in the footwell.  What I got is something with a looser and longer nap.  Thanks as always!  Cheers,
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116 680 3517 is NLA.  Are you sure they are shipping one?
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