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--- Quote from: carzilike on 22 June 2021, 09:58 AM ---Any DIY video's or guides you guys can share? Thank you

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I recently did this job.  Much much easier than I supposed.  I didn't glue at all and seems to b e fine.  There are small push-clips that you will discover one the front of the doors.  Get replacements on ebay, very cheap.  I spayed ArmorAll all over the seals a few times before installation.  The slip into channel much more easily this way and are slightly lubricated and so seal a bit better.


--- Quote from: carzilike on 21 June 2021, 10:41 AM ---Hello all, the rubber seals on my 1978 280SE is pretty worn and water leaks in from the sunroof if at high pressure and also from the passenger door during high pressure car wash. Rain doesn't affect it.
I do hear a lot more road noise than I think I should. I am assuming the seals are glued into place and need to be cut and replaced but I doubt there is a simple DIY way to do that and make it look original like the factory.

SO i found these stick on rubber seals for cars and they are cheap and people have rated them highly. Should I go ahead and use these? They paste onto the body of the car and would create a tight seal ( I think ).
Do you think I can get away with using these or not? I already have the new sunroof seal (OEM) and not sure how to install it though.

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Just to b clear, the seals I referred to are windscreen seals. I got back & I think front from URO and they appear to b amazing quality. Have not installed yet though. Hope to install very soon!!!!!!!


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