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College major in auto restoration

Started by JasonP, 04 July 2012, 01:38 PM


I heard this was the only one in the U.S. I thought this would be interesting to share, as it is in my home state.

QuoteAre you passionate about opening your own auto restoration business, working for an auction company or even managing a major car collection? Our graduates do all of this and more. We prepare graduates to step into corporate level restoration entities, become general restorers, step into museum settings and become leaders in the industry.

Our four-year bachelor's degree program will give you many advantages including – internships with national museums and restoration shops, career services support, resume building, in-depth learning and dedicated instructors who will personalize your experience.

I think this is pretty neat!


1979 300SD
Color: 623H "Light Ivory"
1979 300SD
Color: 861H "Silver Green Metallic"
1977 280 E
Color: 606G "Maple Yellow"


Pretty neat aint the half of it!

Thats an awesome degree!