Bundt-lookalike-hubcaps - whats the go with those?

Started by 13B, 03 June 2007, 06:26 AM


Saw one today at a flea market and resisted the temptation to buy it....

Did MB sell them or did the aftermarket make and sell them to buyers who didn't have the Bundts?
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ive seen them about before, inc. aus ebay...i think you can get them in 15 inch size too...admittedly, they didnt look to bad in pictures!
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No idea about the history of these hubcaps but if you're interested, Des had a whole set for sale.

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verry 80's those kroonkurk hubcaps , but in 15inch i never saw them , but 15inch is verry interesting
i have huge 15inch wheels who came of my 69 mercury cougar on these wheels you can mount hubcaps
ford usa fits on mercedes i recall but i dont know or 255 on the rear will fit ? i had in the grey past 15inch wolfrace wheels on my W116 who also fitted usa ford  .               


If Ford USA wheels fit the stud pattern does that mean that Australian Falcon wheel hubs have the same stud spacing?

That would open up several possibilities (Cans of worms) for us Aussies.



Yes I have a set of these hubcaps, they are cheap rubbish, nothing like the quality MB would have produced at the time.

I was told they were made in China but they don't have any markings or dates on them, came with a W123 230 I bought.

re Ford wheels on a Mercedes, yes I have heard they will fit, but the hub piece on a ford is slightly smaller so it puts extra strain on the nuts, so I have heard.