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Broken driver side door handle



When I bought the car I was informed that the locking system did not work.

Before I start to look at the the VA system (wow) I have just had a look at the driver side door handle  and it appears to be incomplete. (I think)

Is this section replaceable or do I need to get a new locking unit? If so do you know where I would be able to purchase replacement parts? Next stop the VAs

Thanks to all the contributors to W116 .org - I would be hopelessly lost without you all.


Diesel 617:
you'll need a spare door handle to change out the piece that is broken. Locks can be swapped once that piece that is broken is removed. Be careful removing the lock as the wafers can fall out if you remove the key from the lock while assembly is loose.

It can be changed, there is a very tiny shaft that acts a locking pin, just above the spring. Clean the grease off and you'll see it. Use a thing nail or similar to tap the pin through. Note the orientation of the spring.

Thanks Diesel 617

Most helpful


Having read through all the relevant threads regarding this topic on this site I  lubricated the barrel and the following day I carefully started to move the metal end of barrel with a pair of pliers with the key in the barrel. After about 10 minutes I was able to rotate the key in the barrel - something  I had not be able to do before . I then took out the barrel and cleaned and degreased it and took out all the brass wafers cleaned then and replaced them and checked the micro springs were all present and correct which was a bit of a faff. I replaced a broken screwdriver shaft with one from a donor handle. The key now slots in nicely and turns the shaft 180 degrees however I can only remove the key when it is in the north to south  position - when I turn it to the East to West  position the key wont leave the barrel.

I am off to try a few of other moves now

1. Check the movement of the metal end of the barrel
2. Check I have put the shaft on the right way
3. Check the door handle shaft is not obstructed in any way

BTW  Is it the case that the barrels on the W116 are interchangable so long as the handles are stamped with the same codes and  the brass wafers from the original barrel are used in the replacement one?The two I have have the same codes and layout of the wafer housing look exactly the same

At this rate I should be able to complete my very short list of tasks on this car by December 2029

Just had a thought is it the case that with this lock you turn the key  E-W to lock and unlock but return the key to the  to N-S position to remove the key.....

...Just had a thought is it the case that with this locking system you turn the key  E-W to lock and unlock but return the key to the  to N-S position to remove the key?....just checked this and it does appear to be the case - because none of the locks work I was unable to check this before.

I fitted the replacement screwdriver shaft into the butterfly hole in the door and the handle to the door and lock now works! It might well have been the case that the barrel did not need the fully Monty wash and scrub up  however I am very pleased I have door that finally locks and I understand a lot more about the car than I did a week ago.

Onto the VAs now

Thanks for all the past threads on this matter


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