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Bottom Exterior Rocker Chrome Trim

Started by rparker, 07 October 2021, 05:01 AM


Good Evening all,
I notice that there is a rubber gasket between the lower exterior rocker aluminum trim and the body. The trim and gasket on my car is marginal at best, someone decided to secure it to the car using screws for some reason.

Anyway, What is the part number for the gasket? What is the part number for the trim piece?

Thank you in advance to those who can help out.

Attached is a photo I pulled off Ebay for illustration purposes.


77' W116 280S, 4-Speed Manual


For SEL versions:

116-698-03-21 left trim pad  avail
116-698-04-21 right side trim pad  avail

116-698-03-80 bottom left molding
116-698-04-80 bottom right molding

For SE Versions:
116-698-01-21 left trim pad  NLA
116-698-02-21 right side trim pad NLA

116-698-01-80 bottom left molding  avail
116-698-02-80 bottom right molding  avail

'68 250S, '77 6.9 euro, '91 300SE, '98 SL500 '14 CLS550, '16 AMG GTS


Thanks for the info,
Located the 116-698-03-21 for the left pad, however no luck on the 116-698-03-20 for the right.

I'm just trying to understand the number range that Mercedes gives to their parts. A check on 116-698-04-21 however seems to give the part. It is proper confusing.

1166980121 - NLA
1166980221 - Available
1166980321 - Available
1166980421 - Available

1166980120 - No such part
1166980220 - No such part
1166980320 - No such part
1166980420 - No such part

*Info from google search "Mercedes *part number*"

Also, the 116-698-03-80 & 116-698-04-80 are for Long Wheelbase models, do you happen to have them for the Short wheelbase models.


77' W116 280S, 4-Speed Manual


Corrected PNs to:

116-698-04-21 right side trim pad, should be available from MB

also added SE part numbers above.
^^^^good info^^^^^

PS rparker, please put your car in your signature as it helps find the correct parts!
'68 250S, '77 6.9 euro, '91 300SE, '98 SL500 '14 CLS550, '16 AMG GTS