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Best Product for exterior rubber/plastic?

Started by amilio, 17 July 2023, 09:21 AM


Anyone have a good recommendation for plastic or rubber cleaner/restorer products to use on the bumpers and side trim? Used to use tire cleaner and shine but would only last a few days. I am in the States (California specifically) if that affects product availability.

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For tires, rubber bumpers and firewall rubber insulation I find that Griot's Tire dressing work very well.

It isnt shiny just natural rubber look. Last a reasonable good amount of time.

I have not ever tried any of the "miracle" one wipe treatments out there. I use 303 on the interior mostly.
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I haven't used it, but have a bottle that I intend on using... Solution Finish is considered to be 'leader' type of product for this purpose.