Are their any advanced methods or maintenance to extend heat sensor valve life??

Started by Zimmersci, 10 August 2022, 01:15 PM


I recently purchase an absolutely beautiful 1978 W116 and was made aware by my Mercedes shop mechanic that my heater servo valve is drawing amperage and eventually drains the battery. My Mechanic said that previous to my buying the car, the fuse addressing this device was pulled and missing.
We are now in the process of replacing the servo and I have come upon the legendary Hunt for a (good) replacement. eBay has a scad of "refurbished', used, or part, ranging from  around $250 - almost $1000.
 Nowhere can I find a source for along-life, reliable part. No one has differentiated a 'BEST CHOICE" with any testimony to substantiate a superior device.
Could a 3D printer drum up a device? Some kind of reinforcing method to prevent cracking Abetter way to protect the motor from corrosion?

Help is needed and appreciated and I also wonder if a better-engineered device could be made.

I know, this is a common theme, but hey guys, let's put our thinking caps on and get busy!
Thanks for reading.


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Can any one share their opinions of the"refurbished" units on the market as well as the "mini-computer"?