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Antenna Housing

Started by CraigS, 09 November 2007, 01:58 AM


Anyone have one of these housings for the antenna ? Never seen one in real life and just wonder if they were ever supplied.



No  - any that I have seen on 116's, 126's and 124's that I have owned were all Hirschmanns but were dealer fitted in the roughest crudest way possible and the "Hand Filed" hole was never even primered so that after about 5 years my 126 300SE had rust bubbles appear under the paint near the aerial. No fitting kit was used.

When I purchased my 124-E280 new in 1994 I removed the aerial and painted the hole as it was fresh bright "gouged" metal. The later owners probably never even knew to thank me.

Fortunately after that any new M-B I have purchased has never had a visible antenna and what was there was probably factory fitted - not dealer fitted.