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Aluminum Seat height adjustment handle

Started by 1980450sel, 04 February 2010, 11:38 AM


I recently updated my original post on drivers seat removal, but the topic veered off onto the height adjustment handle breaking. I figured I should start a new post about this handle.
I decided to have one made in aluminum and now I finally have an Aluminum height adjustment handle! Hooray!

I have to bevel the bolt holes and polish it up some more before it goes to the annodizer guys, but I think my friend did a pretty nice job shaping it. This one it is done pretty much all by hand, any others will be much easier as the college I work at has a machine that makes 3D CAD files. I don't know how serious anyone one was about getting one of these handles, but if you are please let me know and I can start the process. This would be only for a price estimate with no commitment and I would not be doing this for any personal gain or profit. Send me a PM if your interested.



the right hand side is still available new for very little, the left seat one has been discontinued & NLA for quite some time.

I'd be interested in one for the left side.. If you're making some up.


Where is the right hand side one available?


Anywhere that has access to the mb parts network, ie world impex, or the dealership. You just need the part number.


Wow, that's turned out well.  8)  I was serious about getting one or twoor more.  I'll PM you soon but I'm definitely interested. 

Re: left v right, IMO this little gem should fit both left and right levers.  Just like the aftermarket plastic handles I've posted up before.  OEM handles are with levers attached whereas this handle is to replace just the handle whilst the lever/s stay in situ.
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As Oscar says the factory handles are specific because they are moulded onto the arms where-as the ftermarket ones seem to be in two flavours - with slightly different angles.

On the aftermarket handles the difference in the two available angles is  so slight that they will happily fit in any position.

I have four new handles in my 6.9 and the flat angled ones used for the height adjustment on the sides of the seat work just as well for the reach adjustment on the leading edge.



Hi Guys,
These handles are to fit over the lever for height adjustment, they have no angle to them. After all the old plastic is removed from the lever, then you are left with a slot. The bolt holes on this aluminum handle are positioned to rest at the bottom and top of the slot. In my opinion I cannot see why this would not fit on either left or right hand seats. As for the back and forth seat adjustment handle, this one does have quite an angle to it. If these first handles go well (requests for about a dozen) I can have the CAD files modified to have an angle, but I don't think these handles break as often. The handles on the sides of the seat break because the springs in the seat break, then when someone sides out of the seat- SNAP. So fixing the seat springs is needed too.



Make them, there will be demand for sure.


I would be interested in 2 handles.  My email is:

I am the proud owner of a 1980 300 SD Turbo Diesel W116.  I found the vehicle in Palm Desert California in 2006.  I have gradually restored the vehicle mechanically and appearance wise back to original OEM.


is this still an option? aluminium ones would be great - i'd defo be in for three - one updown and twofor/aft w the angle in it

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well done.. mine are all fine at the moment.. but good to see this forum working realy well keeping these cars going..

p.s what is it with all you left hand drive people breaking your handles so much as to use up all the stook... :)


It's not just the LHD ones. My 6.9 has side handle broken and even the parts car has it broken. So based on a grand sample of 2 cars I can confirm that RHD cars also suffer from this malady. Did someone write that RHD ones are still available at MB?


Quote from: adamb on 11 August 2011, 09:11 AM
It's not just the LHD ones. My 6.9 has side handle broken and even the parts car has it broken. So based on a grand sample of 2 cars I can confirm that RHD cars also suffer from this malady. Did someone write that RHD ones are still available at MB?

no, i said the right side seat handle is still available, or was last time i purchased one ;)

lhd or rhd doesnt make any difference the seats are the same (drivers only on non 6.9's have height adj std i think), but the handles are a mirror image of each other on the left and right side of the car.

being that rhd is in the minority there would of been less demand for the right side seat handles than the left, theres been no left side handles available for years.

This is the height adjustment handle im talking about not the forwards and backwards one.


Well, even if it is available I am swayed by the superiority of an aluminium handle. So I'll put in an order for one.