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'79 300SD Grille?

Started by 300SDude, 10 March 2011, 07:14 PM


I am semi-restoring my 300SD and am about ready to take it into the paint shop. My grille has a dime-sized ding in it on the side, near the top. I am trying to find a replacement grille for it. (Besides, it is missing it's ornament, and I have a new one for it if I can't find one).

This is one of the reasons I purchased this car, was that I remember when it was that you could tell what a car was by it's grille when coming down the street.

Since it is going in to get painted, I would like a nice grille on it, but if it is outrageously expensive, then I will forgo it. I am probably the only one that would really notice the ding in it.

Also, the '79 did not come with a right hand mirror, so I am kinda looking for that too. (My partner that drives it most of the time would like a right hand mirror).



Explore EBay Motors site for the right-side mirror; I found mine for $35.00 plus a buck or two for shipping.


Hi i have a right side mirror and i'm just up the coast from you on an island off Vancouver island. I have # 6062
i.e. the vin # for my '79 SD also have the 1980 # 21923. What's your #

Adsit has grilles and they aren't that expensive,  a used for about $150. I think the new is about $450.
Like you said, you're the only one who will notice it and you could probably put that $ to better use buying Silver or some such..  car runs the same no matter what the grille looks like.

This is my eighth MB and they work good...  and there's none better than the 116, even if it is a little rusty.

You pay the shipping and i'll give you the mirror.  Its 32 years old so its not the best but it works. Its from San Francisco.