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420 Rear Seat Into 116

Started by john erbe, 02 February 2024, 02:54 PM

john erbe

Mentioned project back in earlier (March) thread. Just got seats back today from upholstery shop. He took the skin off the 420 bench and with some trim work went easily on the 6.9 spring box. The back is from the 420 which had the bottom edge torn up, needing the fabric replaced. In order to repair he had to remove the entire skin. As a result the upper top edge after being in the sun for years started to tear. Staying in budget he laid down a leather flap. The head rests are from the front seats of '98 E320.

john erbe

Now, with the horizontal panels, I've got a better match with the front seat Recaros which I had installed previously as the lack of lumbar support in the original seats resulted in a painful ride.