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Title: 4 x 6 upgrade
Post by: bbnlv on 21 February 2012, 10:33 PM
I was tired of listening to the crackling and popping of my original Becker 4x6 speakers so I decided to replace them with an upgrade.  I've always like Boston Acoustic so I purchased the rear 5 1/4 and the front 4x6.  I knew there would be some modifying to the 4x6's but  nothing too serious.  Wrong.  The size might read 4 x 6 on the box, but I learned the base on the speaker surround was slightly larger and deeper and would not fit properly in the hole.  (Not even after I took the Dremel to it.)  I hate mixing and matching components,  but I found some Polk plates that were made of ABS for easy modification if need be.  The Polk's sound great and fit perfect.  Any body need a random Boston 4 x 6?  (The other looks like Frankenstein.)