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Re: 350 SE console removal
« Reply #15 on: 02 July 2011, 09:22 PM »

check if the console sides are actually touching the fire wall on both sides or if something on the floor is keeping them from going all the way back. Also remember that the upper portion of the console goes slightly under the center dash wood so you need to actually tilt it a little.

As for the driver's seat removal, it is not absolutely necessary to do this for  the console installation. The main issue here is the spring that is part of the height adjustment mechanism. You must unhook it to remove the seat and it is pretty strong so be careful. To do this raise the seat as far as it will go, move it all the way forward and carefully disconnect the spring from its floor attachment point.

To take out the seat:

1) Move it all the way back and down
2) Undo the 2 front 10mm bolts on the floor
3) Move it forward and up
4) Undo the rear 10mm bolts

That's it.

Be extra careful with the seat tracks so they don't rip or tear anything on the way out of the car. Our seats are extremely heavy and awkward to handle so if you don't feel you can do this all by yourself have someone to help.

I prefer not to have the adjustment spring present since it makes re-installation of the seat a lot easier and because I have my driver's seat all the way down not having the spring actually allows the height adjustment to "bite" the absolute last slot on the track, that can be done with the spring in place but it requires you to push the seat back quite hard.




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Re: 350 SE console removal
« Reply #16 on: 02 July 2011, 09:46 PM »
May thanks, Joe! - I'll try to get the console out again without removing the driver's seat.  I had it out to the rear previously, clear of the dash, but could not get it out completely for some reason.

Pompy, I posted pics of the yellow 280SE in Gallery, and will post pics of "von Braun" when finished.  As for baby, I'll need to post pics somewhere else I guess - in the chat room probably.  And yes, she's pretty cute, too!