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320Kmhr speedo in W116


Nilo's comments re the speedo reminded me that this is a speedo from a Perth, Oz 6.9.  Very unusual.  Appears MB (has the shift indicators, but slightly different to an Oz delivered 6.9).  Never seen another like it.  The car is NOT an AMG; appears to be a UK delivered car that was imported here and the old mph speedo replaced with this (note the temp is not Celcius and teh Oil pressure is different to Oz cars).  But I've never seen a MB speedo like it.


Nilo AMG:
Nice to see that on Chris!
The AMG Speedometer is scaled to 300km/h. This one seems to be a transformed miles per hour one. I'm sending a picture I have of the w116 AMG speedometer!



Thanks Nilo - I hadnt seen that before! Greatly appreciated.  I would imagine "rare as hen's teeth"!!

That first tacho does not come from a W116. I am guessing a W126. The reason for this is the number of gear change markings - there are three changes shown on this particular tacho while a 116 should only have 2 markings.


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