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1979 3000sd electrical issues !

Started by C4GE, 27 March 2013, 09:22 PM


Hi everyone i own 1979SD ,and the car been sitting for last 5 years under roof in WA.
The car sims to work and drive good, except for some electrical issues i think. So when the car is cold and you just started, the turnsignals  are going crazy fast. and cruise controldon't work , and rpm meter don't work.But ones the car runs for 1 hour the rpm meter ,cruise control and turn signal all function normal ! then if i let the car sit for few hours and it will complete cool down or over night .then is all back to crazy turn signals and no cruise control , or Rpm meter.
I read some forums and i change all the bulbs and grease the connections. but no change . all so wen i turn initially the turn signal the rpm meter is bouncing around ,
I search the formula but seems like i can't find Any good help on this .
any help or direction appreciated thanks