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16 vs 15" Bundt Wheels - Does anyone have any experience with them?

Started by Neil4speed, 31 January 2022, 03:46 PM


Hi all,

The 6.9 I purchased has some Dayton Wire wheels on them that I am not particularly a fan of.

I am looking to get a bundt wheel but hopefully in a 15 or 16" size. Wondering if anyone has any experience/photos showing their larger 15" wheel. I am a bit more curious about a 16" as I like the selection of tires available and feel like a large car like a W116 would not make it look oversized (16" is pretty much the smallest size you can get these days on modern cars!). I haven't seen a single photo of a W116 with these wheels on them though.

TIA for anything you are able to contribute.


You haven't been looking hard enough.  Pictures are all over google, and here is a link to a thread on this very forum showing pictures:

Fuchs, the original manufacturer of the Bundt wheel, doesn't make a 16" version.  Only aftermarket companies do, so buy 16" Bundts at your own risk.  16" Bundts will fit on a W116, but may rub the inner wheel wells in the front when turning the steering wheel very sharp.  Spacers would help in this case, and make sure the offset isn't too different or they'll scrape the outer tie rod ends and the outer part of the upper control arms. 

16" wheels will often require a wider tire, too.  Having said that, ride quality will suffer a bit, but to what degree is subjective to the brand of tire and how well the driver is in tune with things like this.  The trade off is that there is more surface area of tire on the road giving better handling.  Traction will suffer when on wet roads, though. 
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Jan S

This is a 450 SE with 15" Barock.

Personally, I prefer the 15" instead of the 14".
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Thanks so much both.

UTn_boy, you are absolutely right, lots of the 15 inch - can't find almost anything with the 16's. (I worded poorly on my first message)

So appreciative of your comments. My thoughts is if I keep the the overall size of the tire consistent with factory 14 size, and similar offset, it should be OK!

john erbe


john erbe

Thanks Neil. That's the second complement in as many days. A kid backed-up next to me at a light yesterday. Motioned to lower the window and said she's "...beautiful. Haven't seen one of those in a while." Made my day.


Quote from: john erbe on 05 February 2022, 08:13 PMThanks Neil. That's the second complement in as many days. A kid backed-up next to me at a light yesterday. Motioned to lower the window and said she's "...beautiful. Haven't seen one of those in a while." Made my day.

Looks good Jan and John !
Always nice to get an complements sometimes people give me an thumbs up , only sometimes at the dealership parts department they say : cool an 116 BC 

i have a set 15" bundt Wheels too (overhere we name them kroonkurk velgen) in my opinion its and upgrade for your W116 , but the 16" bundt wheels made me curious i saw them also for sale with 8J ET 11 , i have also an set Rial Mesh 8j and 9j also with ET 11 which fits without issues or spacers needed


I think I finally found a photo of a W116 with the 16's! Anyone with a better eye than me think so too? Full Unscaled photo here :


Could very well be. The tires look like Michelin Primacy, which is sold in the 215/55R16 size.
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there not on my W116 right now but this is an older pic of my 15 inch Bundt wheels , on the last 2 pics are my other wheels these i use since 1991 they are 16 inch rials 9j ET11 with 245-50-16 tires i know its not an 16 inch bundt wheel but the measurements fit without problems on the car (i have regular non hydraulic suspension)


This is really wonderful Johnny, thank you! Gives me a good sense of what it will look like. Bundt without enough sidewall might look odd, your Rials look great but the Lip really sets it off.

Amazing photo and stunning car.


Thank you ! and i found pics of 16 inch bundtwheels on the internet only these are 3-piece and much more expensive than the ones i saw for sale , but now we know how it would look  :