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Started by TNNBENZ, 23 September 2021, 12:30 PM


 Is this the part number for a right side mirror ?
I have a mirror 107 611 06 61 on the gasket.  I recently believe this wrong mirror !  It should 116 811 02 61 gasket & 116110241 mirror, (I think)  Am I correct ? 
I think I have a 107 mirror attachment on a correct mirror.  Are these attachments pieces interchangeable very easily ? I do think I saw a post of mirror disassembly.
Anyone help me out.........????
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This is assuming that you have a left hand drive car, as the glass is different for right hand drive car.  We have members on this forum from all over the world, and we have no way of knowing the details of someone's car unless we're told.  Especially when RHD and LHD W116 cars are now able to be shipped anywhere in the world.  Please state these types of details when you post.  In particular, Year, model, RHD/LHD, date of manufacture, last 6 digits of VIN, and engine number.

The part number for the right side mirror glass is 116-810-14-21.  No longer available. 

The part number for the Right side mirror assembly is 116-810-08-16-26.  Was still available new as of the end of 2020.  Retail was $920 and wholesale was $660. 

The part number for the outer rubber gasket is 116-811-02-61.  Still available.  It's around $20. 

The part number for the boomerang shaped outer rubber seal is 116-811-02-98.  Still available.  $14.00.

The part number for the inner chrome covering is 116-725-06-11.  No longer available. 

The part number for the three screws that hold the mirror on is 123-990-00-21.  Still available for $7.00 each. 

The part number for the black plastic adjuster handle is 123-810-08-54.  Still available for around $8.00. 

The part number for the cast zinc mounting bracket is 116-725-00-41. No longer available. 

The part number for the foam corner seal that goes between the mounting bracket and the door is 116-725-01-98.  Still available for .50 cents each. 
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