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116 seatcover leather replacement

Started by Kris P., 25 May 2011, 07:09 PM

Kris P.

Hi guys,

Would you happen to know how much would it cost for me to change the seat covers.  Mine are already cracked and would like to restore it back to its original leather cover.  Mine is a 280 sel< tan color.



Hi Kris,

I can supply the seat covers in leather manufactured by GAHH

$1093.95 (1287.00 list) - 2 cushions, 2 backrests + shipping

Would you need headrest covers as well?

If so they are $148.75 for the pair (175.00 list)

You may also need the panels that cover the back of the front seats

$156.40  (184.00 list)

I always advise customers to replace the seat cushions together with the covers to bring back that new car feel

$430.10 for the set of 4 (506.00 list)

Headrest pads: $195.50 (230.00 list)


1093.95 - seat cover kit
148.75 - headrest covers
156.40 - front seats rear cover kit
430.10 - rubberized seat pads
195.50 - headrest pads


If you are interested pls send an e-mail to or

We need to know the year of the car and if possible the interior  code or your VIN number to make sure we supply the factory color.




hi Joe
is there a seat back for the front seats as well ? mine feel a bit saggy ...


Hi jjb,

Yes there is, you can get just the backrest pad  for $116.45

$430.10 is for a set of 4, two cushions and two backrests.




I have done all my seats with covers from GAHH - very happy with results but a lot of hard work if you do it yourself.

I would recommend you do both front and rear and all headrests/armrests as the colour change will be very obvious.

Rear seat pads seem to go before the front seat pads and if possible swap the driver and passenger front seat spring bases.

Headlining is also quite economical to replace and will lift the look of the interior.



That looks superb Bill!!

GAHH really supplies a quality product, we sell a lot of their soft tops and interior kits in Brazil and every customer so far has been very impressed.




That does look great. Can't wait to get my seats looking as good :)
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2006 B200

Kris P.

Can you also give me a quote of the top panel that hold the visors and rear view mirror and the rear top panel that hold the map light at the rear.  By th way Im from the philippines, how much would it cost of sending those to manila? 

Additional items would be the run channel for all doors (mine is an SEL so the rear doors are longer), the rubber insert outside the glass held by the outer aluminum molding.  Hope you could give me a cost of those. 



Wow! that black interior looks AMAZING!



Joe - do you know if one can get the centre armrest still and is this hard to fit? that would make a nice addition for Emily



I have to see if the top panels are still available, some of these interior pieces are NLA. If we get lucky MB might still have them but I can't guarantee that it will be the right color so you may have to dye the parts to match.

Window channels:

Rears: NLA
Front: 116 725 01 25 X 2 - $50.00ea aprox

Window wipes if you are doing inner and outer you need 8, for the outside only you need 4.

116 725 00 65 - $30.00ea aprox - probably a little less

Shipping to Manila on Fedex should be about $55.00 - $75.00 I think.




jjb, yes you can still get the arm rest kit.

Fitting isn't very hard since the front seat backrest frame is already pre-drilled inside, you will need to make a hole on the side of the backrest though to attach the armrest bracket, should I get you a quote?




Joe, yes please - that would be great- am having my front seat bases swapped soon and i'll probabely get the seats/back pads at same time mate


ps: have you seen any of those aftermarket seat heating kits - could one make those compatible with our new seat pads? seeing as im going to have the front seats in pieces i might as well i thought.

also could you give me a quote for that original non dynamat stuff for the front floor.
am i best to get a local interiors place to redo my carpets or can you still get the proper kit ex MB?