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116 Extended bumpers

Started by Kris P., 18 August 2011, 07:28 AM

Kris P.

hi Guys,

I just recently bought a second hand extended bumpers for my 116.  However, for some reason, the brackets of the bumpers seem to fo awol...  :)  Though I had made a bracket fr the rear bumpers already that holds the dampers, the front sems to be a challenge especially now that I'm building it from scratch. Does any of you have a printout of how the brackets look like for the front and reat bumpers?  and does the euro over riders the same with the ones used in the extended bumper versions.  I was also wondering how the over riders would attach to the body now that theeuro bumpers are off from the car where these over riders attach to. 

Hope you could shed light to this inquiry.

PS :  Is the stainless bumper tops available for me to buy?  do they produce new ones?


Kris P.


This bracket?

The overriders attach to the top of them, and  the rubber trim that goes behind the steel bumper attaches to the bottom.

What do you mean by stainless steel "bumper tops"?

Kris P.

Hi raptelan, thats the one... :) Now I can make one out of scratch.  Though I made something out of steel plate for this but having this picture would further perfect my build. The stainless bumper tops that i was referring to was the stainless sheet on the bumpers itself, mine has a lot of dings, I was wondering if there might be replacement stainless tops for that.

But thanks so much for sending these pics! Really appreciate the help.

KRis P.


On front Euro bumpers, the overriders attach to the bumpers.

Kris P.

hi nutz,

yup, I noticed the over riders attached to the front bumpers.  Now that I'm making a bracket for this one like the one in the picture raptelan sent, my only question is that the over riders of the euro bumpers the same with the ones used in the extended bumprs or are they totally different?




The front bumper stainless steel cover is p/n 116 885 00 74 - $508.50 (565.00 list) + shipping

Let me know.