116 and early 123 front seat skins compatible?

Started by Casey, 20 May 2013, 10:41 AM


I think that 116 and early 123 seat skins are compatible, but may be mistaken.  Can somebody verify whether or not this is the case?  My concerns would be that maybe the 123 seat bottom is a bit thinner in height and/or that the seatback style is different (can't remember if the early 123's have the pieces on the back corners or use the same style seat nets for instance).

I know somebody interested in buying some bamboo front seat skins from my '74 450SE that was wrecked for his early 123 and want to confirm this is tenable before shipping him the skins.

Thanks in advance!


Not sure about the 1974/5 seats but I have a 79 W116 6.9 and a 85 W123 280 and both drivers seats have the number 123 910 0350. The frame of the cargo nets on the seat back are different: the 6.9 has the chrome wire frame and the 280 has the plastic surround. It looks like the plastic surround will hide any holes made by the mounts for the wire frames.

The depth of the skirts on the seat bases are the same. Hope this helps


Thanks - that's basically the same determination I came to after removing the skins and comparing them to an early 123 seat I have.  I was hoping to find out before removing the skins but then decided it didn't really matter because the 116 frames are the early coil type which is both more comfortable and durable and I want to use them in a later car with leather skins instead of MB-tex anyways.  After the 1974 450SE got wrecked and I started driving the 1979 450SEL daily, the old seats are one thing I definitely have missed, as the newer leaf spring versions aren't as comfortable, and the left side of my driver seat has a broken spring besides. :/

The old MB-tex front seat skins are now sold and on their way into an early 123 with a bamboo interior.  There are 6 pleats with stitching between rather than 5 with heat stamps so it's not completely as-original for the car but the color matches and they fit.