116 and 123 hubcaps: the same? And brilliant red paint?

Started by huck280, 09 November 2009, 06:12 PM


Hi All,

Some bastard has stolen a colourmatched hub from my 116 - 'brilliant red' (in reality, a metallic rusty red-orange).

Are the ones from a 123 the same? There are more about - but I've never seen a 123 in brilliant red. Did they come in that colour? (Plenty of pillar box red, yes - but not the metallic orangey-red).

All the forums say they're the mother of all bastards to paint.

On another note, I'm thinking of designing an explosive device to situate behind hubcaps linked to the alarm/immobiliser system. You prise it off... boom.

Just a small charge, mind - I don't want to cripple anyone. But I'd love them to spend the rest of their lives explaining why they have a three pointed star impression in their forehead. And I'd love them to be lying dazed in the gutter when I get back to the car...

Any help/advice much appreciated.


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W123 hubcaps will be the same, but you will probably need to get them repainted.

The explosives sound like a good deterrent. ;)

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True they can be a pain to paint but if you have to paint a spare huck, try using pin striping tape to mark the edges and the star then block out larger bits with regular masking tape.  The pin striping stuff is flexible and wont form corrugations as you try and trace the outer circle.

Don't limit yourself to w123 and w116s either.  Any 70s style hubcap will suit, ie 114/5, 107 too.

Ditto on the exploding hubcap  ;D
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I have a set of brilliant red hubcaps that I can be easily motivated out of.


Just adding to the pin striping tape, not sure if we are talking about the same thing but when the guy did my wheels he showed me this narrow masking tape he used that produces a very sharp line and is flexible to get around corners. He said it would be readily available from any crash supplier but I haven't seen it at your normal motoring shops even if the sell paint etc.
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craigb, that would be lining tape - mainly used by the guys doing custom graphics. 

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