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Mechanicals / Re: Hydro-pneumatic system (HP...
Last post by Grane91 - 02 April 2024, 02:51 AM
Quote from: Greazzer on 27 April 2015, 07:05 PMThank you Sir !

If you have an extra main valve, please PM me.  Post some pictures if you want on this thread, or any pictures regarding the 4-corner HPS system, W126.

I think if I paid attention, I would have never gouged the tube.  Also, having taken one apart, I think my learning curve is already 50% or better.  I just zipped through ball joint removal, tip removal, et cet.  I just got the tube now with the 2 end pieces.  I am thinking the other ball joint is fine also.  It was incredibly nasty, and gunked up.  Just got done cleaning it and it's still nice and tight.  I think new grease and a new boot and I'm in business.

I am narrowing down the nylon pieces inside.  I believe they are called "L" scrape type seals made by Hercules.  It's actually a British design.  The O-rings are 70 durometer, which should be pretty easy for those.  Once I source the nylon inserts, it should be downhill from there.

I am hoping the front struts share the same nylon inserts.  I thought I found them over the weekend, but I was a little off base.

I know if I contacted Star Motors they will probably not disclose their info.  lol

The trick right now is getting the exact specs for the nylon seals and O-ring

Hi! Did you ever went through with this project ?
Mechanicals / Re: Revs too high
Last post by Magyar - 02 April 2024, 01:59 AM
Quote from: Randys01 on 02 April 2024, 12:41 AMstuck in 3rd
I thought 1975 280se cars had a 3 speed gear box?
Mechanicals / Re: Revs too high
Last post by Randys01 - 02 April 2024, 12:41 AM
stuck in 3rd
Test Drive / Re: My 6.9's
Last post by rumb - 01 April 2024, 04:52 PM
Partial improvement.  Trying to bleed air out of system. Got corner to go up about half way so far.  Will rinse and repeat a few more times.

After I turn engine off and bounce corner you can hear fluid (and probably air) sort of squealing as it travels thru system. I doubt just fluid would make noises like that.

My car is earlier without the bleed screws in the system.
Mechanicals / Re: Revs too high
Last post by Magyar - 01 April 2024, 04:25 PM
Quote from: Max-NL on 01 April 2024, 09:04 AMIs it a manual transmission, or an automatic transmission?
it's an auto 1975 280se
Mechanicals / Re: Revs too high
Last post by raueda1 - 01 April 2024, 12:47 PM
Quote from: Magyar on 31 March 2024, 07:18 PMHi I have a mercedes 280 s e and when I drive 110 km/h the revs are at 40000, this seems too high, why are the revs so high??

Unless you have installed a turbine engine I'm guessing you meant 4000 rpm?  Gear ratios are HERE.  You can calculate rpm and speed.  Regardless, as an order of magnitude guess, it sounds like you're in 2nd gear.  Or maybe third.  You'd need to do the math to be exact. 
Mechanicals / Re: Revs too high
Last post by rumb - 01 April 2024, 10:34 AM
MB has long designed engines that run all day at 4K rpm.  This increases fuel economy as well as stays in power range.  Compared to lazy american cars that run at 1500 rpm this seems odd to those not used to it.

PS put your  car in your signature and then it will always be visible to everyone.
Mechanicals / Re: Revs too high
Last post by Max-NL - 01 April 2024, 09:04 AM
Is it a manual transmission, or an automatic transmission?
Mechanicals / Re: Over heating m110 engine
Last post by Magyar - 01 April 2024, 12:25 AM
Quote from: Randys01 on 30 March 2024, 01:02 AMAs a   rule of thumb  the "indicated temp" should be about 55C more than the ambient temp.
Now this has a bit of tolerance but no more than 10 % . So at 30 deg C  it should be reading 85Deg C.
Now in heavy traffic on a hot day with a/c on she might creep up to 90s. As soon as you get moving the temp should drop back a bit.
Get yourself a thermal infrared gun and take some temperatures. Make sure what you are seeing on the gauge is largely validated by an actual temp reading.

I find the most interesting is the actual return to the water pump [bottom radiator hose]  and  where the temp sender unit resides. [cyl head ]

There are many reasons an engine can run hot...not just a Merc.. but they all come back to the same every part serviceable?
Slipping drive belt..worn waterpump..crud in the radiator..timing out..mixture out..blocked fins in the radiator...dodgey thermostat...blocked radiator hose/s..system properly bled....leaks in the system...brakes dragging etc etc..

 Your photo does not mention the driving circumstance  ie just did  a run down the Tulla freeway at 115 kph  in 30 dgrees C with air on etc?  then I would agree the indicated temp was pretty reasonable.!!

hi, I was doing 110km/h for an hour straight with ambient temperature being 22 degrees c.
Shop / 6.9 Crank pulley needed and wa...
Last post by BAXIVERSE - 31 March 2024, 08:07 PM
Looking for 6.9 crank pulley and also water pump pulley. Hope you're well and thank you