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Test Drive / Re: New '79 300SD Owner
Last post by Randys01 - 12 March 2023, 01:24 AM
Welcome Robin from Downunder! Once you  get that tub sorted, you'll wonder why you ever bothered with those other cars!
Says he after 10 Renaults?!
Interiors & Exteriors / Re: Chrome Removal Question
Last post by john erbe - 11 March 2023, 10:13 PM
Thanks rumb..
Mechanicals / Re: WUR better, now engine rac...
Last post by Feather535 - 11 March 2023, 09:25 PM
Finally got a chance to look at this again. What seemed to be happening was that after starting the engine, it would idle at normal speed for a while--up to a minute, but often less--then the revs would abruptly increase.  Putting the transmission in drive or reverse would bring the revs back down to a normal idle speed. 

I confirmed that the linkage isn't sticking anywhere and the throttle plate isn't binding.

But after going through this sequence a few times, I noticed that the revs always started to increase when I took my foot of the brake pedal.  Pressing the brake again would restore normal idle. 

This is strange.  Now I'm wondering if the brake booster is creating a massive vacuum leak somehow.  I'm looking for a diagram of the booster to try to understand if this could be possible. 

Shop / Re: '72 6.3 At Good Price
Last post by daantjie - 11 March 2023, 06:13 PM
Guess we'll be seeing it on BAT soon.
Shop / '72 6.3 At Good Price
Last post by john erbe - 11 March 2023, 05:54 PM
On Craigs List San Francisco Bay Area a '72 6.3 with only 54K miles for $67K.
Interiors & Exteriors / Re: Chrome Removal Question
Last post by rumb - 11 March 2023, 05:04 PM
That insert is made of aluminum I think.  There are 2 clips holding it on. Just pry with nylon pry tool, maybe more from the side than the end.
Interiors & Exteriors / Chrome Removal Question
Last post by john erbe - 11 March 2023, 05:01 PM
Local wrecker has 116 with a pristine piece I need. It's the front pilar with the plastic insert. I see there's a philips screw at the top end but that's it. Do I have to pop off the plastic piece to access some screws in order to get off or what?Front Pilar Chrome
Interiors & Exteriors / Re: Chrome Resto
Last post by Deutschtexaner - 11 March 2023, 02:50 AM
That's great! I am definitely going to try this on mine.
Test Drive / Re: New '79 300SD Owner
Last post by Deutschtexaner - 11 March 2023, 12:29 AM
Thank you, everyone. I apologize again for such a long introduction. I am not normally that long-winded. Glad to hear there are some fellow Saab lovers here.

Quote from: JeffCullen on 10 March 2023, 10:27 PMI had a BMW episode (E34 M5, E32 Alpina B11 and E38 750iL) before getting my '79 300SD, and now I feel like I've finally found home.

OMG! That's funny because you just made me realize that I completely blocked out my BMW episode. LOL! I totally forgot about it. I did have one of those actually. I replaced my flooded Saabs with a 2011 BMW Convertible 135i with 55k on the odometer. It gave me nothing but problems. It was a cute little car and when it was running it was fun to drive. But it was constantly going back to the shop. The day I bought it they were "working on it" so my purchase was contingent on it being right. A few days later they delivered it to me at work and it broke down on my way home. I spent months in and out of the shop with the dealer on that car before I finally cut my losses and told them to come pick it up and just keep it. I forgot all about that. LOL! It was just a total lemon. When it did run, it was amazing. I would definitely give BMW another go if given the right opportunity.

Anyways, I am so glad to be here. I am just spending all my time searching and reading through all this forum has to offer. This is one heck of a knowledge base that ya'll have here.