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Mechanicals / Re: Seatbelts
Last post by Pete49 - 30 March 2024, 10:31 PM
if its a '75 or earlier its a guess at best but the rear belt buckle didn't fit my '75 450 W116 english import.
Mechanicals / Re: Seatbelts
Last post by nathan - 30 March 2024, 10:05 AM
nice work mcnuggets. if you message me via the org, I can send email and send pics of exactly what it is you need or I can help with. regards
Shop / Re: NOS baffle plate for W116 ...
Last post by floyd111 - 30 March 2024, 09:35 AM
Some actual photos of the spoiler..
I used a stock pic before.
Mechanicals / 280SE engine mounts
Last post by hamidagha - 30 March 2024, 03:55 AM
Hi all
Yesterday I changed the engine mounts on my 1979 280SE which was not fun in the English weather.
The new mounts I ordered and installed are a different configuration: same shape but screw holes are on the corners which means when installed they are 45 degrees rotated. Is this okay?
Also see photos: the mounts I took out are original MB and not too bad! They must have not been charged in at least 15 years I think.
So is the shape ok?
Mechanicals / Re: W116 280se slow
Last post by Randys01 - 30 March 2024, 01:08 AM
Magyar  Maybe you could up date the contributors on where you ended up here?
Mechanicals / Re: No reverse 280se
Last post by Randys01 - 30 March 2024, 01:06 AM
Magyar........perhaps you would like to update the forum on this issue?
Mechanicals / Re: Over heating m110 engine
Last post by Randys01 - 30 March 2024, 01:02 AM
 As a   rule of thumb  the "indicated temp" should be about 55C more than the ambient temp.
Now this has a bit of tolerance but no more than 10 % . So at 30 deg C  it should be reading 85Deg C.
Now in heavy traffic on a hot day with a/c on she might creep up to 90s. As soon as you get moving the temp should drop back a bit.
Get yourself a thermal infrared gun and take some temperatures. Make sure what you are seeing on the gauge is largely validated by an actual temp reading.

I find the most interesting is the actual return to the water pump [bottom radiator hose]  and  where the temp sender unit resides. [cyl head ]

There are many reasons an engine can run hot...not just a Merc.. but they all come back to the same every part serviceable?
Slipping drive belt..worn waterpump..crud in the radiator..timing out..mixture out..blocked fins in the radiator...dodgey thermostat...blocked radiator hose/s..system properly bled....leaks in the system...brakes dragging etc etc..

 Your photo does not mention the driving circumstance  ie just did  a run down the Tulla freeway at 115 kph  in 30 dgrees C with air on etc?  then I would agree the indicated temp was pretty reasonable.!!

Test Drive / Re: My 6.9's
Last post by raueda1 - 29 March 2024, 09:11 PM
Hmmm. Yeah, lots of sources of crud. A couple times I've revived the system by popping  the lever arm on the valve off the torsion bar (can't recall what it's called) and manually working the valve.  I'm grasping at straws here....
Mechanicals / Re: Over heating m110 engine
Last post by mrkozzy - 29 March 2024, 12:53 PM
Anywhere from 90 to 100 on the gauge is about right from memory.
My 280  goes from the low to mid 90's sometimes in the winter.  (This has to do with the "ambient" temperature outside), while in the warmer summer months it generally sits around 90.
Always has done, and I always run it with a quality coolant additive which gets changed once a year.
Test Drive / Re: My 6.9's
Last post by rumb - 29 March 2024, 08:33 AM
Entire system was bone dry. Rebuilt 4 struts, @10 lines replated - could be source of crud.