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Mechanicals / Re: Inside the WUR
Last post by SteveDuNord - 25 January 2023, 09:38 AM
Does anybody know where I can buy the retaining clip for the electrical connector to the WUR?

I appear to have lost mine.
Shop / Re: Wanted - exhaust manifold
Last post by rumb - 25 January 2023, 08:53 AM
What car/ engine does it go on?
Mechanicals / Re: Locked keys inside car
Last post by SteveDuNord - 25 January 2023, 06:59 AM
Couldn't find a junction for the vacuum (window close line only, not sure if I could have applied suction to trick it into opening?).

So I tried the sunroof trick, bingo!

20mm socket was fouled by the boot lid hinge so had to mess around with it.
Then remembered that the plastic flap of the sunroof was failing to close last time I'd used it, but managed to wedge it down with an Allen key. Phew!

Mechanicals / Re: Locked keys inside car
Last post by SteveDuNord - 25 January 2023, 05:46 AM
Quote from: johnnyw116 on 24 January 2023, 12:45 PMDo you have an sunroof ? you can open the sunroof manually from the boot 

I do but Im guessing the battery is flat, disconnected it before Christmas for a (failed) fuel pump renewal.  ;D
Edit: just saw the guide with manual unlock, ingenious!

I'll try the vacuum trick first. Hopefully a large syringe designed for oil changes will work.
Shop / Wanted - exhaust manifold
Last post by MARCEDES - 25 January 2023, 04:18 AM
Hey everyone!

Looking for an exhaust manifold please, part number A1101421202 - front manifold, cylinders 1 - 3. Anyone have anything available please? Photos attached.


Mechanicals / Re: Suspension Control Upgrade...
Last post by Mattr - 24 January 2023, 10:41 PM
Quote from: raueda1 on 23 January 2023, 07:46 PMRegardless of the clicks, does the suspension go up and down?  And does the dash light work?  Regardless, see my post above.
Suspension goes up and down without issue. The 'adjustment' is off, because the PO liked the car to sit lower than stock, so fully depressed was ~2" lower than normal height (turning was barely possible, parallel parking would be impossible). Fully extended was a little higher than stock height. I tried to tune it back to what it should be, but didn't manage to get it right. I need to turn the car on, and adjust it up/down until it's correct, then reset the cable.
Mechanicals / Climate Control vacuum leak
Last post by Rolo - 24 January 2023, 08:13 PM
Sorry about this post. I know it's been discussed, but I can't find the thread now.  I've had a faint whistling sound in the dash for years and finally one of the lines is shot and the heater valve is fully opened all the time.  Not an issue with cold weather, but I need to get this fixed.  The leak is close to the climate control panel based on the hissing sound.

Can I access through the glove compartment opening or center console control panel?

Mechanicals / Re: Suspension Control Upgrade...
Last post by rumb - 24 January 2023, 06:15 PM
Here is a picture of the height knob showing the ball bearing that clicks into the holes on the side. Most definitely a solid click.
Mechanicals / Re: W116 6.9 (6632) engine reb...
Last post by rumb - 24 January 2023, 01:46 PM

Yes the smog stuff will not find its way back into the engine bay...

As despicable and worthless as all that smog stuff is, you could completely kill yourself and future owners from ever being able to register or even sell the car.  CA CARB is spreading and many states just plain will never allow these cars on the road if they are missing components.

Even if your state can get by I would think heavily about removing it.  I recently sold 2 vehicles because they were missing smog components and I didnt want to get stuck with the thousands of dollars it would take to put back on them.