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Mechanicals / Re: Coolant on oil pan - Long time storage prep to run again
« Last post by Trapo on 10 May 2019, 09:35 AM »
Situation is worse than just a few drops, this morning checked oil level on dipstick and it was about 15 cm over the full mark, so  I assume most of the coolant has migrated to the oil pan....
Is there any water plug inside the block that might have rusted out?
Checked compression on each cyl and are close to normal ::)
Welcome here, to the best (but maybe only :)?) dedicated W116 site on the planet!
I would not panic just yet.  Check the coolant in the radiator itself, is that a caramel colour?  If it is clear, and the colour of the coolant I would say you are probably fine.
What I have seen at least is that some oil droplets can mist into the breather, even though there is a baffle plate inside the valve cover, some oil mist can still form inside the breather hose.  Then coupled with condensation after cold start, you can see this fuse into the milky/caramel colour you see.
But if you have this "mix" already formed inside the radiator then I would say it's bad news, probably blown head gasket ???
Mechanicals / Re: 6.9 distributor fixes
« Last post by daantjie on 10 May 2019, 08:54 AM »
Been tempted to do this too, but I have nightmare visions of me cocking something up, and this jobby turning into a nightmare.  My forays into the electrical "never never" have almost always led to pain and suffering :o
Mechanicals / Coolant on oil pan - Long time storage prep to run again
« Last post by Trapo on 10 May 2019, 08:34 AM »
Hello, newcomer here.
Just putting 450SEL (117 eng) back on the road after 20 years of hibernation. Have done the proper fuel tank clean up, fuel pump+all filters renewed, all fluids changed, including brake fluid, before firing up.  It started easily but overheated.
Dismantled water pump and found a blob of coolant obstructing circulation.
A[/img]s water pump swap required distributor removal,  last night I was adjusting the high advance at 3000 rpm and milky substance started coming out of the breather hose on right  (from co pilot side) bank head cover
Other than a blown head gasket, how could coolant get in the crankcase?
Help anyone, as I intended to use it for my daughter's wedding next week!
Losing my hair on this....

PD. Sorry couldn't figure how to quickly load picts.
Interiors & Exteriors / Re: Front Indicators
« Last post by daantjie on 10 May 2019, 07:53 AM »
You mean the nut or the threaded rod?The rod is integrated into the indicator housing.
The nuts you can find on ebay used, and probably new as well:
Interiors & Exteriors / Re: Front Indicators
« Last post by ptashek on 10 May 2019, 07:51 AM »
You mean the white(ish) plastic nut?
That'd be A1089900057, about £3 at your local dealer.

The rear one is A1159900557, and costs a whopping £12 for some reason.

Both are made of maybe 50p worth of plastic (most likely Delrin, or Nylon)...
Mechanicals / Re: 6.9 distributor fixes
« Last post by raueda1 on 10 May 2019, 06:48 AM »
guys, I'm trying to do this clean up but I'm stuck trying to remove the first section under the dizzy cap, the one that has the injector contact and condenser screwed to it.

it looks to be heled in by 3 little indents in the distributor body, it looks like its simply twists round to align the indents with 3 gaps and off the plate should come. I've tried this but nothing budges, am I missing something??????

Can't follow the question.  What's the injector contact and condenser?  Aussie nomenclature perhaps?  Maybe describe the picture(s) corresponding to what you're talking about.
Interiors & Exteriors / Front Indicators
« Last post by Balfour on 10 May 2019, 06:18 AM »
After some help guys...

Inside the engine bay, there is a plastic threaded retainer that attaches to the indicator housing bolt that comes through the wing.
I have no idea what this thing is called and can't find it anywhere online.

I do know however that I am missing one of them as one of my indicator units went flying down the road earlier! I have tried using one of the retainers from the rear light clusters but the tread size is different.

Does anyone know either the part number of this elusive piece of plastic or where i can get one from?

Any help would be appreciated.
I have Gabriel shocks on my 450SE and while they're a bit harder compared to the Billstein comforts the car came with, they do behave much better at high speed, which is my default mode of driving ;)
Interiors & Exteriors / Re: W116 sill rubber plugs - Part Query
« Last post by ptashek on 10 May 2019, 05:34 AM »
I need some assistance with the part number for the sill plugs. As you can see from photo, there's are 8 holes underneath each sill. I assume there should be a rubber plug installed, hence ordered what I thought was the part (x16) but the plugs are too wide.

110 987 09 44 - 26mm plug

I think I've found part, 113 987 00 44, but just wanted to confirm?

A1139870044 is correct.
There's around 90 of these used in various places on the entire car.
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