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Shop / Re: accumulator recharge?
Last post by UTn_boy - 01 June 2023, 03:36 PM
This makes about as much sense as seeing a "refurbished/rebuilt" vacuum tube for an old radio or television.  Even if the diaphragm isn't ruptured, I can't believe that it'll last any length of time before rupturing due to age.  Unless they're cutting them open and renewing the diaphragm, I'd stay clear.  Just my thoughts.....
Mechanicals / Re: New Climate Control regula...
Last post by Rolo - 01 June 2023, 10:48 AM
Very annoying and uncomfortable.  Switches from heat (too high) to cooling (too low) and back.
Mechanicals / Re: Jack stands, placement
Last post by atatexan - 31 May 2023, 05:20 PM
Great suggestions all. I am about to flush brake fluid on the 350SE. Good suggestions for safety and car preservation!
Mechanicals / Re: New Climate Control regula...
Last post by daantjie - 31 May 2023, 02:16 PM
You might want to post a pic or link to the setup you have.  There have been a few iterations of replacements for the ACC system to my knowledge.
Mechanicals / New Climate Control regulator ...
Last post by Rolo - 31 May 2023, 11:11 AM
I got one of the new electronic regulator valves to replace a leaking aluminum body valve that only lasted about 40k miles.

The new one is doing odd things like switching between cooling and heating while the car is pretty hot.  It's as if the system overshoots the cooling temperature and then heats to bring it back down.  In cooling mode, it will also start blowing hot air through the side vents and cool air through the center vents as if it was switched to Bi Level.

I don't think I'm getting the same high fan speeds I was automatically getting in Auto Low mode anymore.

Anyone else with the new Climate Contol value with similar experience?  Thanks
Mechanicals / Re: What have you done for you...
Last post by Gpapaniko - 31 May 2023, 04:40 AM
Finished the prep and swap from bunts to wheel caps. Bunt now going to be refurbished
Mechanicals / Re: Which rust converter produ...
Last post by Eyeman - 30 May 2023, 06:12 PM
I have a completely rusted out 190SL that I have stopped any further rust progression just using the spray can Rustoleum rust converter type products.
Mechanicals / Re: Which rust converter produ...
Last post by rumb - 30 May 2023, 05:35 PM
It might depend on what kind of parts you are treating. 

There are many good rust converters that do the same thing, turn soft red rust into hard black. If you use any of these dont wire brush too much old rust off, you have to leave enough for the chemicals to work on.   With this product can then be bondo'd over or painted.   POR15 or Miracle Paint cant be painted over unless you sand it first. Regular POR15 must be painted, but I think they make a final finish version.

For smaller parts  evap-o-rust will clean all rust off down to bare metal and is very non-harsh chemical. Just submerge in liquid for a day or two and it comes out clean.

Reverse electrolysis also removes all rust.

Sealing the rust is second to media blasting or the other rust removal methods that remove all traces of rust.

Mechanicals / Re: Which rust converter produ...
Last post by Jan S - 30 May 2023, 02:50 PM
I have used Miracle Paint on several occasions on my car. Very strong stuff, you need to use a protective mask.

This stuff is also recommended by MercedesSource. Kent has a few videos on how to stop and seal rust with Miracle Paint:

Here's one of the videos:

This is what I use, whenever possible.
Test Drive / Re: Australian 6.9 sales
Last post by raueda1 - 30 May 2023, 08:53 AM
M100 registry entry for the enjoyment of all.  Cheers,