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Shop / Re: 1977 450SEL For Sale
« Last post by Euro_Sled on 14 September 2019, 03:58 PM »
Here are a few interior and engine shots. 
Mechanicals / Re: 6.9 engine seized while cranking
« Last post by raueda1 on 14 September 2019, 10:41 AM »
Thanks so much to all forthe info and support.  My partner just can't believe there's a whole global community of nutty old-benz people at all.   But there is, and that community makes it possible to keep these wonderful cars alive. 

Much as I'd like to do a full rebuild, I just can't justify spending the $$$.   I'd love a super-6.9 but what I really need is just a nice driver, which is what the car was in the first place. That leads back to the fix-what's-broke approach while fixing leaks, old rubber, etc.

Any way, amazingly I discovered that same rod.  They seem to have lots of other 6.9 stuff as well.  There are also some rod/piston sets in Germany.  But are they the right ones?  TBD.

Now I'm still disassembling.  2 of the intake manifold hex bolts got trashed (stripped) and will need to be drilled out.  That will happen on Monday and the head will hopefully be off soon thereafter.  Then I can start figuring out the full extent of damage and exact parts needed.  Robert, thanks so much again for the offer, will be back at you when I know more. 

Finally, as for valve guides, who knows?  The car didn't use any oil and no smoke going down long mountain grades in 2nd gear, so maybe ok.  Again, TBD.

Stay tuned for the next installment of this exciting problem and thanks again for the help.  Cheers,
Shop / Re: 1977 450SEL For Sale
« Last post by rumb on 14 September 2019, 09:19 AM »
Very nice looking car!
Shop / Re: 1977 450SEL For Sale
« Last post by floyd111 on 14 September 2019, 09:08 AM »
It looks gorgeous! Good luck with that. Any pics of the interior and the engine bay?
Mechanicals / Re: 6.9 engine seized while cranking
« Last post by rumb on 14 September 2019, 07:18 AM »
I have offered up a rod and piston from my spare engine if needed. Need to find out what size pistons are in both engines.
Shop / 1977 450SEL For Sale
« Last post by Euro_Sled on 14 September 2019, 06:43 AM »
1977 Mercedes-Benz 450SEL. 4.5l V8 Original Arizona Survivor  Car. Purchased new at Phoenix Motor Company. 113k miles. No rust and very clean condition. I believe the car has been garaged since new.  European Bumper and headlight conversion. Working climate control with cold air and hot heat.   I purchased this car from the estate of the original owner in 2016. Since then I have done a long list of repairs and upgrades to make this car what if is today. Comprehensive list available of completed work for interested buyers: included is new front brake calipers, rotors, pads and master cylinder. New AC compressor with fresh R12 recharge. Lots of other new parts. Too much to list.

 I need the garage space. $6400 OBO


602-686-0500 call/text or message.  Thanks!

Mechanicals / Re: 6.9 engine seized while cranking
« Last post by Randys01 on 14 September 2019, 01:11 AM »
Well done Daniel. I can't believe it.  ;D
 That hopefully deals with the King kong problem of the 2 unicorn horns!
Mechanicals / Re: 6.9 engine seized while cranking
« Last post by daantjie on 13 September 2019, 06:03 PM »
Boom let me drop the mic and make Dave's day for a new con rod:

Check part# of course, but hey for $100 it's the king of no brainers ;)
Mechanicals / Re: 6.9 engine seized while cranking
« Last post by Randys01 on 13 September 2019, 05:35 PM »
No doubt the endless ball of $$$tring will unravel as you pull the beastie apart......72KM.........if it's been looked after, you'll barely find anything actually worn out.  It will be an example of "it's worn well but it's well worn".

Always a dilemma as to whether to just repair the immediate problem...or repair that and anything easy and obvious..or go the whole Monte.
The answer always comes down to money and the intention of "am I keeping this forever.?"
I would be trying to localise the scale of the repair.

The lh head has to come off so as mentioned, is the issue of the dear old valve guides. My favourite topic. You might be lucky and they are in good condition.  Even so. care for a valve grind Your Honour?...what's the rocker wear like? Valve lifters?...and so it goes.
I'd be confident that cyl bore wear will be minimal..but take double note of the lip on no 8.

Going back on a few points. As the motor is locked it will be obvious which other cyl is at TDC. give it special attention to the extent that you can. without calculating this, I reckon it will be on the rh bank..and you don't want to take that head off if you can avoid it.
You are going to have to buy a full set of big end bearings so I'd fit the whole set: but if that's too hard, just buy a set and fit up no8. They are not a King's ransom.

Getting a correct conrod and piston will be a challenge. I'd be looking for a Unicorn horn with more optimism.
Frankly I would be preparing to reuse the piston........whaat?  .but not before it is tested by a reputable engine shop. It will need to be crack tested. measured up with laser precision. Special attention will need to be paid to the gudgeon boss area as this is what took the brunt of the load.
Now before the purists go into meltdown, remember this damage was sustained at cranking speed.  this did not fritz itself at 4000rpm boring down Route 66.
Are you ready for this?  Explore options for having the rod straightened. Yeah I know're kidding? right? No my friends it's done all the time in racing circles. Worth a shot.
On the matter of balance. whatever combo you end up with, .new piston/new rod...old piston new rod, the piston will have to be aligned on the conrod and at least the weight of the new combo compared to at least one other piston rod assy.
Any decent engine shop can do all of this including permissable variations plus and minus.
I would definitely pursue this option whilst still trying to find an obscure piston...and rod.

So I'm advocating the "minimalist approach"..I'm cost sensitive...the end result of course cannot be anything less than "highly satisfactory...we are not talking a bodged up job. That is, it has to accord with accepted engineering standards and practices.
Interiors & Exteriors / Re: Double Din Radio
« Last post by floyd111 on 13 September 2019, 05:34 PM »
My point was.. these cars easily eat up a bucket of money over time, and retrieving that cash is hard enough to not want a potential buyer complain about missing radios and such. ;)
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