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Mechanicals / Re: Speedometer Cable keeps snapping
« Last post by Jjutzy on Yesterday at 08:20 PM »
My cable goes directly from my speedo, through the floor, to the tail cone.
Shop / Tidy looking 300SD in Vancouver Canada
« Last post by daantjie on Yesterday at 07:52 PM »
No affiliation, been on local CL for a while.  Looks pretty clean though pics are a bit sparse:

Willing to go scope it out for any seriously interested forum member.  Likely this will be for our US friends, import into US pretty easy from what I've read.

My diesel knowledge not the best but would be able to go and scope out the usual trouble spots of course.
The ORG / Re: US Members: Check in!
« Last post by AlmostFamous on Yesterday at 07:20 PM »
Good evening my fellow Americans. (Always wanted to say that)

I’m from Pittsburgh, PA and a new member of the Pittsburgh chapter of the MB owners club. I just bought a 1977 450 SEL which is at the Mercedes dealer getting a look over by a mechanic that goes crazy for the older cars. I also just picked up the last new 2019 GLS 550 they had, big discounts to be had. So far all that needs done on the 450 is timing and idle adjustments.

Interestingly a dude pulled in the service reception with a race fitted AMG beast and saw my car and had tons of questions. Interesting that somebody who probably gets a lot of questions about his machine found my 1977 450 SEL interesting. I put a photo of the AMG and my car in the breezeway along with some other photos of the 450.
Mechanicals / Re: Frothy oil sump tank
« Last post by john erbe on Yesterday at 06:27 PM »
You're sucking in some air somewhere. Check the hose connections from reservoir to sump. Also that o-ring along flange fitting which extends into sump.
Mechanicals / Re: Parking break
« Last post by rumb on Yesterday at 04:36 PM »
You just loosen the front cable. While down there make sure there is no binding of the mechanism.
Mechanicals / Re: Frothy oil sump tank
« Last post by rumb on Yesterday at 04:31 PM »
I've never run across this myself, but quick search it is not a good thing. Air bubbles. : Poor lubrication. Since it is a dry sump even more odd. Overfilling a regular engine the crank would whip the oil.  Is this a new rebuild? Mixed lubricants can cause this. What oil did you use? Maybe assembly lube mixed with the oil could cause this.
Mechanicals / Re: New 6.9 rear suspension spheres and other work
« Last post by Jed on Yesterday at 04:24 PM »
the hydraulic hoses are available as a rebuild kit from 'uncle kent' as well.

Mechanicals / Do front calipers float?
« Last post by Rolo on Yesterday at 04:09 PM »
I'm getting a creaking sound that I thought was suspension pick up points/bushings, but bouncing on the bumper won't duplicate the noise unless the car was just stopped.  And then it makes one creak and stops.

The caliper seems to be the source since I can't hear the noise over bumps and it happens when the nose dives under braking and then when the nose rises after easing off the brakes.

Makes me think the caliper is floating and the mount needs rust removal or lubrication.  Do they float?
Mechanicals / Re: Frothy oil sump tank
« Last post by Rolo on Yesterday at 04:04 PM »
Yes, I check and without the hard driving, no foaming and level is correct.

I'm talking about full throttle to redline driving.  Been years since I've done that.  Pre rebuild, that kind of driving would belch out a huge cloud of smoke that gets you a stiff fine around here.
Mechanicals / Re: Frothy oil sump tank
« Last post by daantjie on Yesterday at 03:23 PM »
I have never seen this on mine, so I can only speak from my own experience, but this sounds a bit unusual.  Are you sure you did not perhaps overfill the system?  I'm sure you know this but on the 6.9 you check the oil with the motor fully warmed up and running, and only then should it read between the high and low mark on the stick.
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