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Shop / Nice early 450SE in Vancouver ...
Last post by daantjie - 19 March 2023, 05:09 PM
What a great colour combo.   No affiliation, looks very nice with lowish miles:

Mechanicals / Re: Door locked when open, so ...
Last post by rumb - 19 March 2023, 04:42 PM
Just push the lever my finger is pointed  and then pull "A" forward. 

Rear doors can become difficult. Have one person inside using legs to push and someone outside pulling door handle.
Mechanicals / Re: 450 to 5.0 M117 swap
Last post by Frankthemoneyman - 19 March 2023, 04:12 PM
If anybody is planning of swapping a 5.0 into your 350SE or 450SEL you will need the transmission that came with the engine.
There is stories out there of crossover or dual pattern 722 transmissions, but I have never seen one, nor could I find any pictures of one on the internet.

I could only match 4 bolts, out of 12 in total, in addition too, you have have to machine a lot of the aluminum plate, to fit over the rear of the engine. Also the the guide pins do not line up either.

So swapping an aluminum 5.0 M117 in place of a cast iron 4.5 would involve also swapping in the entire engine and transmission.
Mechanicals / Door locked when open, so now ...
Last post by isobars - 19 March 2023, 04:03 PM
Hi Everyone,
I brought a 300SD home yesterday - 600 miles - it had been standing under a tree for 18 months and moved rarely over the preceding 5 years.
The passenger door and rear passenger side doors are very stuck, as was the rear drivers side until I managed to separate the old rubber from the meal this afternoon.
Foolishly I put some lubrication on the rocking lock mechanism and rocked it toward me which locked it. Now I can't unlock it and so can't close the door.
Must I now get to the vacuum lines in the door or can I pull the pin up forcibly?
Thanks in advance for any advice!
Here's thirty second vid of the first start in 18 months   - door.jpg   - it did fire-up as soon as I'd primed it - 250k miles. Marvellous things, the 617.

Here's an image of the lock. I pressed 'A' anti clockwise which raised 'B' which prevents the pin from entering and therefore closing.

Mechanicals / Re: Straight chrome exhaust ti...
Last post by Feather535 - 19 March 2023, 01:40 PM
I look forward to worrying about problems like this some day.  Right now I just want to make the car run and drive!
Mechanicals / Re: Straight chrome exhaust ti...
Last post by daantjie - 19 March 2023, 12:35 PM
I had the false tips on my 6.9 when I bought it but I'm pretty sure they are after production add ons like Aaron stated.
Mechanicals / Re: Straight chrome exhaust ti...
Last post by raueda1 - 19 March 2023, 11:13 AM
Hmmm, I thought they were on the euro version, just not USA cause of heating up the diving board US bumper.  I guess the ones on my car were an add-on.  Can you elaborate on what's needed other than just cutting off curved ends?
Test Drive / Re: Australian 6.9 sales
Last post by nathan - 19 March 2023, 09:07 AM
Not wishing to get derailed from the purpose of the thread, but thats just economics.  50 year old cars just aren't so common, so if you want one, you will pay for it. In saying this, the covid car market has definitely cooled.
Interiors & Exteriors / Re: question for statistical m...
Last post by rumb - 19 March 2023, 08:22 AM
The fellow also had a stack of correspondence 15" thick. Must of been a PITA.

The new owners must like telling that story/ fairytale.
Interiors & Exteriors / Re: question for statistical m...
Last post by UTn_boy - 19 March 2023, 06:04 AM
THEY LIED.   THere are MANY 450sel models in the late 70's that have column shift transmissions.