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Shop / Re: The day has come: Goldie i...
Last post by ptashek - 27 February 2024, 04:38 PM
I'm lucky that I'm not desperate to sell. There was exactly zero interest. Not even the usual "I'll give you 1/10th of the price for it". Not only that, the ad itself had almost no views at all.

I know the price I put up was "out there", but if what I've seen is any indication of a wider trend, then the W116 continues to be as desirable on the European market as a fist to the face.
Mechanicals / Re: Help, fuel issue
Last post by rumb - 27 February 2024, 02:50 PM
All well.... fired up next day and idled just fine.

Draining rad for 3rd of 4th time now this time to install new radiator overflow hose. Found one MB made after they transitioned the overflow tank to have a larger outet,  It has one end larger to fit!

Also need to remove lower radiator hose for access to drill hole in frame and install rivnut to hold the Fanfare Horn mounting bar. The hole on the other end uses the mounting for the oil tank hose guard.  Pictures soon....
Mechanicals / Re: Help, fuel issue
Last post by raueda1 - 27 February 2024, 02:12 PM
How much of an engine rebuild did you do?  Rings, piston hone, anything like that?  Can't recall now...  And how much old gas do you think is mixed with the new?  And how long did you run it?  So many questions!  But at last it's running!  You're in the home stretch.  Cheers,
Mechanicals / Re: 6.9 bundts tyres
Last post by ramiro - 27 February 2024, 08:30 AM
I have the Maxilite wheels on my car with 225/60R15 , 225/55 would be to small 60 is nearly the same size as original just 6 mm less diameter.

You can also look at w126 for that one Mercedes also lists 225/60 R15 as a replacment for the R14 tires for all engines.

Officialy Mercedes lists 215/65 R15 as allowed for the w116 6.9.
Mechanicals / 6.9 bundts tyres
Last post by BCK1963 - 27 February 2024, 07:18 AM

it is about time to re-start that topic  :) .
Currently I am running original R14 bundts with Cooper Cobra 215 tyres. Not great but enough within the limits and restrictions of swiss motorways.

Since the tyres begin to get uncomfortable after appr. 8 years I am considering to switch to R15 Maxilite barock bundts with 215 or 225 R15 tyres.

Attached / upper is an approval from authority called 'Test Laboratory South', the significance of which I need to find more about. This approval is distributed from Maxilite.

The approval refers to the correct engine power, though it does not particularly list the 6.9.
Furthermore it lists two tyre sizes which seem strange to me. In particular the 225 / 55 R15 is a size for which I am unable to find any tyres.

Attached / lower is a chart from a database called 'tyre sizes',  It seems more reasonable in the 6.9 case.

I plan to approach the Swiss TÜV / Technical authority guys and check what is possible with them.

My question to you:
What are common tyre sizes on the Maxilite barock 7x15 bundt? Tyre load demand is 96.

   Thanks in advance and regards     Bernd
Shop / Re: The day has come: Goldie i...
Last post by adamb - 26 February 2024, 04:49 PM
If you don't need to sell to get the money then just enjoy the amazing well sorted 116 that you've created. They are a rare sight as you know well.
Mechanicals / Re: Bushings for shift linkage
Last post by Feather535 - 25 February 2024, 09:27 PM
Thanks everyone.  I'll replace the two missing ones in the tunnel first and then look at the ones in the shifter housing.
Mechanicals / Re: Help, fuel issue
Last post by daantjie - 25 February 2024, 01:33 PM
Nice 8)
Yup I've found that that 6.9 hunk of metal takes a LONG time to fully warm up.  Helps too if your cooling system is working properly which I'm sure yours is.
Shop / Re: The day has come: Goldie i...
Last post by rumb - 25 February 2024, 01:22 PM
Its a tough decision to let a long owned car go. As we get on we have to start deciding what you really enjoy and can also keep up with maintenance. 

Im sure you will get many more smiles per mile with yours!
Mechanicals / Re: Help, fuel issue
Last post by rumb - 25 February 2024, 12:54 PM
Went thru diagnosis chart and everything passed, but still no volt at pump,  Went looking for trunk branch wire harness connector and saw the ground point that is behind passenger seats on right side and the brown wire bundle was just loosely attached.  Tightened up nut and bolt and car started.  ;D

Copious smoke, Im hoping just because it sat so long and I porbably dumped a lot of fuel in the intake.  Will run more later to see it it clears up when the engine gets warm.

Also even though I added a couple gallons of fresh fuel, what comes out is still yellow, though not as stinky as just the old gas was.  I guess 6 year old gas doesnt burn that great. :o