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Test Drive / Re: Australian 6.9 sales
Last post by Gpapaniko - Yesterday at 04:14 AM
Quote from: Gpapaniko on 24 May 2023, 07:45 AM
Quote from: nathan on 23 May 2023, 09:22 PM#5554 must have literally popped up.  This car is synonymous with the forum, previously belonging to Dr William Babe who has some of the seminal posts on the 6.9, including the strut rebuild here.  He passed away two years ago.  I helped his family sell a couple of his cars but a little strangely, they directed the 6.9 to be sold by another who undervalued it significantly, and the buyer has obviously bought it, cleaned it, and thats it.  Now selling it for probably 85k premium on what he bought it. very disappointing for Bills family.  The car is not an AMG vehicle, its a Hong Kong import originally owned by the governor of Hong Kong (he must have been balling!).  Its been in WA since the late 90s.  Bill did all the bits himself including getting the speedo plate printed, he made a few for other members too as he was that sort of gentleman.  I wouldn't have valued the car at this by quite a bit, but it was a high 5 figure car and im disappointed his family is not getting the money from the sale evidently.

Thanks Nathan, I knew you would have the detail on this car. Pity about the aftermarket mods exhaust and wheels.  As optioned and in good running order (excluding the AMG paraphernalia) its AUD$65ish to AUD$75ish I would think, partly because its not an AUSTRALIAN delivered car but otherwise good pedigree it seems

Ive sent the advertising dealer an enquiry to seek further information on the data card, engine bay pics and any documentation about the vehicle's provenance.

I sent the advertising dealer an enquiry last week and specifically asked for any material to validate their inference that this is an authentic AMG 6.9.  Following Nathan's background on this car.  I have had no response, which I have never experienced from a dealer on Carsales, so I am guessing no such paperwork exists to back up the AMG provenance of this car.
Test Drive / Re: W116 Facebook groups
Last post by Gpapaniko - Yesterday at 04:04 AM
Good discussion guys, I find a combination of this forum, being a member of a local MB club and few contacts I have developed through servicing and sourcing parts to be the best fit for me.  I keep tabs on YouTuber "mercedessource".  This combination has worked really well for me in the 18 months of W116 ownership so far and allowed me to learn as I go on my own 280SEL.
Test Drive / Re: W116 Facebook groups
Last post by daantjie - Yesterday at 02:04 AM
I had to google "spruiking" hahaha...
Test Drive / Re: W116 Facebook groups
Last post by nathan - Yesterday at 01:48 AM
Fb isn't really setup for long winded explanations of technical matters, so usually its just some finished product pics.  However, as GP and Kozzy said, they are quite good for discussing local meetings, and source of materials in the area.

The great divide of, leading to the birth topklasse.  This would have been about early 2010s.  It was felt by some members, that others were spruiking parts at a cost, more than rendering any help.  A verbal tit for tat occurred, and then as they say in Australia, some members just pulled up the cricket stumps and left, forming their own group (topklasse). The org continued on (although gradually the original heavy posters moved on), whilst TK has had a handful of members.

I just put a pic of dads and my 6.9s up on The Australian 116 group yesterday. Thats about all I post on those ones, or dates for meetings.  Posting pics on the org, is infuriating, having to compress them does my head in!
Test Drive / Re: W116 Facebook groups
Last post by daantjie - 27 May 2023, 05:30 PM
I am a member on but it indeed is very quiet on there and they seem to also focus on other models too not just 116.

I think "styria" was a member on but might have had a falling out with members on here then started  Not sure really so I am happy to be corrected 8)
Interiors & Exteriors / Re: Best option to spray cavit...
Last post by Gpapaniko - 27 May 2023, 04:31 PM
Thanks Rumb. The cavity wax I'm using is a two in one wax and rust converter that comes with a long spray tube and multi directional nozzle purpose built for this type of application. I will lift the door sills to look for the holes you suggested  as the plugs at the end won't give me access to the entire length of the sill
Test Drive / Re: W116 Facebook groups
Last post by BCK1963 - 27 May 2023, 02:30 PM
On the occasion of dealing with different forums: About the same time when I learned about this forum I 've been told about the forum. I found Topklasse a bit strange with rather rare postings which were not comprehensively dealt with like on our forum. There is a guy who is (self-?)named Godfather and who appears to be a specialist in HPF overhauling. Nonetheless, he is never mentioned in our posts. At first glance I also coulndn't identify anybody of our fellow colleagues on their forum, and their's seem to be particularly for or limited to australian W116 guys. That's just my first impression. I don't want to stir up a hornet's nest but can anybody put me in the picture with the club?

    Thanks and regards    Bernd
Mechanicals / Re: 3rd Pedal
Last post by JeffCullen - 27 May 2023, 09:59 AM
Great project! I love the 722.1 and think it suits the car, but an extra ratio would be nice for highway runs. I haven't driven a car with a 617.95x and a manual, but on the 115 four cylinder diesels it's remarkable how much quicker a four-speed manual feels compared to an automatic.

Curious to hear what you think of that Timevalve exhaust as well -- particularly the sound.
Test Drive / Re: W116 Facebook groups
Last post by mrkozzy - 27 May 2023, 09:59 AM
Ironically I had to travel overseas to discover the  "Mercedes 116 Australia" Facebook, altho until recently I have avoided social media, so that would explain it.
There seem to be some new "contacts" and such & I've also discovered (better late than never) the "W116" group, "Mercedes Benz W116" group, "Mercedes-Benz W116 S-Class owners" group, "Mercedes Classic W116 Club" group, "Mercedes W116 Forum" group, "The Old Merc W116" group.

Now my phone doesn't stop "pinging" with updates from people, just doing their stuff.

 I agree with Raueda, most are just showing pictures of their respective machines in whatever region of the world they are in.
There is however some interesting reading from time to time, but I find the "Mercedes 116 Australia" the most relevant to me.
I cannot however find ANY site that has the knowledge base of this  forum (
with either technical information or members knowledge.
Today I've put ALL my Facebook Groups onto SILENT in my phone and refer to them only when I'm scrolling through the net in the evening sometimes.
The phone I an carrying is back to normal and noticeably quieter!!!!!

Do I really "need" the Facebook groups in my life?  The Jury is still out
Do I feel better informed about anything to do with my W116?  Not sure, however there are some interesting people to occasionally chat with along the way.
Test Drive / Re: W116 Facebook groups
Last post by BMA - 27 May 2023, 01:06 AM
I am in 7 Facebook W116 groups (two are 6.9 groups). I like it. Rather few wrench spinner there, so tipps for DIY work is much more in the forums, and this here seems to be the best in the world!  ;D ....But it is pretty good to built up contacts, to see some nice W116 pics and getting parts. But not every dealer there is likely trustable! Just recently I found out in one of these groups that a German W116 Club does exist. Roughly 110 Members, having a club magazine, two meetings per year, only 50,- € annual membership and very nice people. ....Years ago we had in Germany a W116 Forum, but it was closed! :-( the W116 is a sub chapter/ forum in the pretty big 107 Forum in Germany. But very low activities there in comparison to this forum here! Regards, Björn.....PS: The W126 community in Germany is huge, W116 seems to have a niche existence.