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Mechanicals / Re: Rough running 300sd
Last post by amilio - Yesterday at 06:18 PM
The videos introducing the subject are free on YouTube, in depth guides as PDF's or videos are $5-20. Great source of parts, as well as PelicanParts. Highly recommended cross shopping.

I'm personally doubtful it's a compression issue, especially given your cap dance is good. I know you said the fuel system is clean, but did you replace the fuel filters or know how long they've been on the car for?
Mechanicals / Re: Fuse Box removal / Fuse bo...
Last post by Nabstud - Yesterday at 03:29 AM
Well done! Must have tested the patience haha
Mechanicals / Re: Fuse Box removal / Fuse bo...
Last post by Alex - 16 July 2024, 08:42 AM

Oh dear, this was quite the job. A solid 2-3 days haha.
My disassembly effort was hindered by the slow removal of the centre console, this was due to me not removing the passenger seat, which I do not recommend. (my carport is too narrow to open both doors comfortably). This made the removal of the centre console really fucking annoying. Do not do this!

Regardless, I removed the majority of the interior, seat, wheel, floor mats, covers, kick panel, accelerator, and the fuse box  ::) .

Here's the hole after some cleaning, it did prove to be larger than expected.

The floor pan was subsequently wet for a few years, and this rust shows that haha. (I grinded a small segment)

Grinded the floor pan, sprayed the pan, cleaned and all nice, then resprayed with rust converter primer stuff.

I sealed the hole with some fibreglass and sprayed over it. I then drilled a new drain hole.

To get to this stage, the main hindrance was the annoying location of the fusebox and the hole. To remove the fusebox, fuck me- remove everything basically, you can get away with keeping it all attached, just removing the crossmember between the box and the dash is a real pain in the tits.

Grinding the rust off in this tight area was done with a 300mm drill bit extender, and a drill, with a tiny wire wheel on the end. Does this work? Of course! Is it easy? Hell no!

The floorpan was all angle grinded, that was easy.

To fibreglass, I was lazy and kept the majority of the cables in the way, simply tying them off and working around them. Is it easy to do? No. But it is possible and saved a lot of further disassembly.

Fibreglass is best recommended for a decently large hole, but it is godly difficult to use in such a small space, bondo or bog could be used for smaller holes, but I can't attest to the structural rigidity of that.

Sand that fibreglass down, spray and you are all good and off to the races. Just don't forget a tiny hole for water egress! I found this hole hard to drill from the top down, so I drilled from the wheel well up (you can see where the firewall meets the inner fender easily from beneath.

Reattach the lot, ensuring not to forget the fusebox grommet! And you should be good!

I had to rebuild my floor insulation, because it was solemnly buggered.

I chose to rebuild, as being in Aus, parts are hard to get, let alone a replacement may also be in shoddy condition due to age. I also just don't really care that much, as you can't see the insulation.

I looked for generic insulation foam in multiple hardware stores, but couldn't find anything suitable. So- floor mats!

This stuff is great, piss easy to cut with a stanley knife, and cheap as dirt.

Roughly marked that up, glued to layers together for thickness (in hindsight its a bit too thick and raised the carpet up a few mm making it harder to get my feet into the pedals, not a huge deal- but I think for future followers, its best to be too thin than too thick).

And eyeballing the measurements for the handbrake cable and vent, that's my fitment. Looks pretty good in my opinion. And it is already waterproof due to the plastic nature, nice and soft, insulating, and dirt cheap!

All in all, real pain in the ass. The skills needed aren't anything crazy, I'm no bodywork wizz, but it is a lot of time to do the job. (Depending on the size of the rust damage).

Cheers gents.

P.S. Is the fusebox leak a kind of inauguration into the w116 club?
Auto Torque / Re: What other Benz as daily?
Last post by Pete49 - 15 July 2024, 10:56 PM
My DD is a W163. I love my 4WD's so it was a no brainer for me. The comfort of a Benz was also a plus. My W116 450SEL is now my casual drive.
Auto Torque / Re: What other Benz as daily?
Last post by daantjie - 15 July 2024, 11:59 AM
I'm looking more into the W210 E55.  But then again talking about a 25 year old car so I can see parts going NLA for that model pretty soon if not already.  The look has grown on me over the years and the drivetrain is pretty bulletproof.  Every single post I read though mentions rust, and that makes me want to rather set my balls on fire :o
Mechanicals / Re: Rough running 300sd
Last post by Oliver - 15 July 2024, 07:22 AM
Thanks both of you for the suggestions, they are much appreciated. I haven't had much time outside of work to get a compression test done but that's still on my to-do list. I have watched lots of the Mercedes Source videos but I'll be sure to look for those ones in particular. Are they free on YouTube or will I have to pay?
Auto Torque / Re: What other Benz as daily?
Last post by johnnyw116 - 14 July 2024, 11:47 AM
Quote from: nathan on 14 July 2024, 06:06 AMThis is great Johnny, people must walk past your pair in the carpark and think they are in the time machine!

It looks indeed a bit like the 70´s on this section of the carpark  ;) on the other side there are also a few 70´s oldtimers (not mine) a few VW Beetle´s , two Triumph TR6 , MGB rubber bumper , and Sadly not mine also a 1975 Ford Thunderbird Jade Edition this one is standing still for 20+ years
Auto Torque / Re: What other Benz as daily?
Last post by nathan - 14 July 2024, 06:06 AM
This is great Johnny, people must walk past your pair in the carpark and think they are in the time machine!
Shop / L and R Std Wheelbase Door Car...
Last post by atatexan - 13 July 2024, 05:52 PM
I bought right and left rear door cards when I acquired my Euro 350SE. I thought it a good idea to have a spare set. The ones on my car are holding up just fine and I do not think I will ever need this pair. R and L door cards, ashtrays, grab handles, and trim parts all in good condition. They can be dyed to match any interior.

They are listed on eBay without any watchers. These are great parts for someone with a 280S/SE, 300SD, 450SE, or a 350SE. Not an SEL. I will give them to however needs them for just the cost of shipping. I want help another collector more than needing the money.
Auto Torque / Re: What other Benz as daily?
Last post by johnnyw116 - 12 July 2024, 04:43 PM
My daily driver is a 1981 W123 200 Diesel , it's not the fastest car on the road but it handles and drives excellent