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Mechanicals / Re: WUR better, now engine rac...
Last post by Feather535 - Today at 09:21 PM
Quote from: raueda1 on 17 March 2023, 09:10 AMand now on to the next item....   

On the the next, or back to the same...

So after all this, I could finally test fuel pressures with the engine running and the cold CP is still too high--about 3.5 bar now. 

This is a big disappointment, because I had it down to 1.0 cold and 3.7 warm, which is just right for this car.  The curious thing was that the longer I ran the fuel pump or the engine, the higher the CP went, even with the WUR'S electric heater disconnected.  On removing the WUR (for at least the 10th time) I found sediment in the inlet screen again.  So it's back to step 1: cleaning the WUR (again) and the rest of the fuel system.
Mechanicals / Glow Light Still Flashing afte...
Last post by amilio - Today at 10:54 AM
Hi all,

I have a '79 300 SD and in late December it started having issues starting where the glow light would blink and it might take 2-3 times to start the car in the cold. I replaced the glow plugs, as the blinking light usually indicates one or more of them have failed. Everything seemed to be fine, but the issue has started again and the GP light flashes every time the car is started cold, and it has difficulty starting. I have looked over the wires connecting the relay to the plugs and they seemed fine. Any ideas what could be going on?

My current plan is to get another W116 relay off EBay and see if that solves the issue. The glow plug fuse in the fuse box was replaced, and the 80 AMP on the relay itself seems okay, if a little old. Any help or insight is appreciated!
Shop / Re: ebay prices for 6.9 parts
Last post by daantjie - Yesterday at 04:04 PM
Totally agree that a large portion of it is money laundering.  Just look at insane prices being paid on BAT.  And all the platforms and banks have their hands out taking a cut from every deal.
Shop / Re: ebay prices for 6.9 parts
Last post by rumb - Yesterday at 03:43 PM
20 years ago ebay was great. Nearly all items sold were auctions and I and others would wait until last 2 minutes to bid. Prices were good. Then eventually everyone figured out what was rare and what wasnt. Then ppl got greedy. Plus ebay fees kept going up to now they take @15% off the top now and paypal will seize your assests if they dont like what you post on social media.

I swear that some people are laundering money thru ebay with near worthless items "selling" for hundreds if not thousands.
Shop / Re: ebay prices for 6.9 parts
Last post by rumb - Yesterday at 03:32 PM
Shop / Re: 1975 450SEL on BaT
Last post by Bratello - Yesterday at 02:20 AM
Shop / Re: 1975 450SEL on BaT
Last post by daantjie - 25 March 2023, 09:55 PM
Bonne chance  ;)