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Mechanicals / Re: Help, fuel issue
Last post by daantjie - Today at 01:33 PM
Nice 8)
Yup I've found that that 6.9 hunk of metal takes a LONG time to fully warm up.  Helps too if your cooling system is working properly which I'm sure yours is.
Shop / Re: The day has come: Goldie i...
Last post by rumb - Today at 01:22 PM
Its a tough decision to let a long owned car go. As we get on we have to start deciding what you really enjoy and can also keep up with maintenance. 

Im sure you will get many more smiles per mile with yours!
Mechanicals / Re: Help, fuel issue
Last post by rumb - Today at 12:54 PM
Went thru diagnosis chart and everything passed, but still no volt at pump,  Went looking for trunk branch wire harness connector and saw the ground point that is behind passenger seats on right side and the brown wire bundle was just loosely attached.  Tightened up nut and bolt and car started.  ;D

Copious smoke, Im hoping just because it sat so long and I porbably dumped a lot of fuel in the intake.  Will run more later to see it it clears up when the engine gets warm.

Also even though I added a couple gallons of fresh fuel, what comes out is still yellow, though not as stinky as just the old gas was.  I guess 6 year old gas doesnt burn that great. :o
Test Drive / Re: Considering buying this 6....
Last post by daantjie - Today at 12:07 PM
For sure decent 116's are getting thin on the ground.  6.9's even more so. This one was the last one listed on BAT and that was Nov 2023.
Test Drive / Re: Considering buying this 6....
Last post by Eyeman - Today at 12:02 PM
I'd do the same in this case also Sirma.  To me you try to leave perfect collector car as stock as possible.  My car is a Euro and has Lorinser "bumpers", so I plan to go back to stock Euro bumpers.

I bought my 6.9 in 1994, it was not that unusual back then.  Now I do not remember seeing a W116 on the road in a decade or so.  If I see an old Mercedes it's usually a W126.  The funny one is there is a guy I always see going the opposite way from me that daily drives a W108 or something more from that time frame.
Test Drive / Re: Considering buying this 6....
Last post by sirmathrocks - Today at 09:18 AM
I read older posts on this. The front bumper replacement is definitely not plug and play. I am going to leave the car as is for now.
Yes the US style bumpers are ugly for sure but overall the car still looks good and I have never seen any 450sel on the road let alone a 6.9. These are definitely a sight to behold.
I want to get my 6.3 and 6.9 together and take a few pics...that will be something!

Test Drive / Re: Looking for driver side se...
Last post by sirmathrocks - Today at 09:11 AM
To close the loop on this...MBZ parts was able to find one for me and got it shipped. Getting it installed.
Shop / My 1975 Euro 350SE Going Up Fo...
Last post by atatexan - Yesterday at 07:41 PM
I found this car on W116 in 2010. We bought it from the original Austrian owner family though it was in Idaho. Lots done to it for mechanical, functional, and cosmetic reasons. It remains a gorgeous brilliant car. Why would I even think about selling??? I am a healthy 72-year old with FOUR cars: three Mercedes and a Porsche Cayenne Diesel. I won't live forever and this car will need a good steward eventually.

I am thinking BaT but want to let the fine folks on this forum be the first. The cars and I live in Dallas, Texas. I am on instagram - atatexan. Mine may the most photographed 116 in the world.
Mechanicals / Re: Bushings for shift linkage
Last post by nathan - Yesterday at 06:06 PM
Hi Feather,

there's my video with part numbers and how I did it on the 6.9

not a difficult job and maybe an hour or two. the main nuisance is the lower one and a tool for that helps, I just bought it off ebay.
the parts themselves amount to very little cost wise.

good luck
Interiors & Exteriors / Re: Rear View Interior Mirror ...
Last post by nathan - Yesterday at 06:01 PM
ill have a look Sparkar, im in Perth an confident I have some.  Interesting, I dont know Ive seen one fail and get floppy like you describe before.