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Mechanicals / Re: Removal of In-Tank Fuel St...
Last post by nblewi0 - Today at 12:10 PM
Thanks for the tips!  I have some time today so I will try it again and report back.

Mechanicals / Re: Removal of In-Tank Fuel St...
Last post by daantjie - Today at 11:35 AM
A tip for the install of the new strainer and o ring.  I used a very thin smear of silicone dialectric grease on the o ring and threads.  You will see the threads are very fine and appear to be aluminium.  Clean the threads on the tank side as well.  Likely it will be very rusty if it is as stuck as you say.  It is very easy to cross thread so make sure you get a good seat and tighten by hand first.
Test Drive / Re: Australian 6.9 sales
Last post by Gpapaniko - Today at 07:38 AM
Thanks Nathan for uploading the pics. No issue with what Bill did to the car, the dodgy dealer is another matter.  As a testament to Bill, an unsuspecting buyer would not be suspicious about its AMG pedigree given the careful effort Bill has gone to - pity about the steering wheel centre piece.  While mine is not a 69, it also transported the wife to the our ceremony in March 2022.
Mechanicals / Re: Removal of In-Tank Fuel St...
Last post by Jan S - Today at 05:41 AM
I know what you are going through ... had the same problem a few years ago. Tight space, difficult to find leverage.

I had to use a small scissor jack to put sufficient force on the nut. It worked for me.
Mechanicals / Re: Removal of In-Tank Fuel St...
Last post by daantjie - Today at 01:14 AM
Usually I would say to heat the area with a torch but obviously you don't want to do that around a gas tank :o

Sometimes tightening the nut slightly and then trying to loosen does the trick.

Likely you have a leverage issue as the space is tight.  Maybe using a long extension to bring the point of rotation further towards you will allow you to use a longer wrench or breaker bar?

Mechanicals / Removal of In-Tank Fuel Strain...
Last post by nblewi0 - Today at 01:00 AM
Hi All,
I'm stuck and I need some assistance.  I am trying to remove the in-tank fuel strainer from my 1973 450 SE.  I have the special ground socket from MercedesSource and I have removed the hose from the strainer to the fuel damper.  I can't get the strainer to budge!  I have sprayed penetrating oil on it and still no luck.  Am I just gonna have to remove the tank and try that way?  Have any of you had trouble with it and have any tips?  It seems like it just comes out for most of the posts that I have seen on the forums.

Test Drive / Re: Australian 6.9 sales
Last post by nathan - Yesterday at 07:59 AM
and some pics in days gone by.  The dodge shot, is when I think I considered buying the car around 2001.  It sold to a former forum member Chris M.  This  was before I found my car which I have had 20+ years now.  Then a pic of when I went up to Bills house to get the car started for his family late last year.  I managed to get it going and it pumped up.  Literally the only thing the seller has done since then is bust the logo on the steering wheel and clean it!  The final pic is when I used Bills car in my wedding about 20 years ago, when it had 8 spoke 140 alloys on it. I know this car reasonably well, and I know it does not have any engine mods.
Test Drive / Re: Australian 6.9 sales
Last post by nathan - Yesterday at 07:41 AM
Now at $120,000 dollars, i'll attach some pics of the add for future history. you will note in the pics he still had his grill badge on, I bet many of you didnt know a run of these was made a few years back!  GP, I dont imagine the dealer in their defence, has any clue about the car.  Bill did not do this to his car under any false pretences, he just enjoyed it, the look and did what made him happy.  He never tried to pass it off as an AMG.  From the advert, some muppet has pried off the AMG logo he had on the steering wheel which is a rather sad demise.
Test Drive / Re: W116 Facebook groups
Last post by nathan - Yesterday at 07:15 AM
Ha Daniel, I didnt think that was an Aussie word but maybe it is! 

In my previous comment on the fracture of the org, Mercedes Source is exactly the analogy I would use with regards to one of the driving forces who left.  I was checking for something today and one of the mercedes source videos came up. As usual, in literally 10 seconds his classic line comes up, "I have a special tool for this..." which is soon followed by a sales pitch. It's a given whenever you see anything he posts. I'm not sure why it bothers me so much but on a forum, it just didn't 'pass the pub test' (check that one Daniel, its a good one!)
Auto Torque / looking for w108 parts in Melb...
Last post by mrkozzy - Yesterday at 04:15 AM
Hi all.
Not 116 related, but I have a mate looking for w108 part(s) suppliers.
He lives in Melbourne on the outskirts.
Any suggestions or contacts, to pass on?
Much appreciated.